X3TC - GOD up to its old tricks AGAIN !!!!

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Cursed Ghost
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X3TC - GOD up to its old tricks AGAIN !!!!

Post by Cursed Ghost » Sun, 29. Nov 20, 22:06

hi all

Ok so yet again I've ran face first in to problem of the GOD engine removing all copies of certain factories from the universe in this case the factory in question is the Mobile Drilling System Factories, I though this problem had been fixed so that GOD could no longer remove every copy of any factory from the universe.

How do I to curtail this irritating behaviour, and how do I force GOD to put those factories back again, because its preventing me from progressing the Treasure Hunt quest because only corvettes and bigger can use Hornets and I don't have one and don't want to waste a whole bunch of credits on a ship I'm never going to use because most corvettes in TC are underpowered and useless and I can't obtain a Mobile Drilling System because the idiotic GOD engine has remove them from the universe

The GOD engine is also severely screwing up Terran Space as well and half there factories have vanished to and no they weren't blow up they where removed by GOD.

Is there another way to destroy asteroids other than Hornets and the Mobile Drilling System.

Alan Phipps
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Re: X3TC - GOD up to its old tricks AGAIN !!!!

Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 29. Nov 20, 23:10

Moved from Tech Sp to the gameplay forum.

X3TC patch 2.0 included "- Several stations, including Terran stations, now rebuilt after being destroyed" This included the problematic MDS, EEMPC and Terran factories. You need to find where they respawn though. I believe you can also buy the MDS station kit from the Teladi and build it yourself? See this thread (albeit that it was about X3AP) and it also includes discussion about breaking full asteroids. I recall Hornets, or sometimes Spectres to do so (but that last might have been X3AP). Hammerheads would do it, but might be overkill.

You can defeat GoD removing stations you particularly want kept by parking cheap ships of yours in them, by trading with them fairly frequently, or sometimes just by visiting them often enough even if you don't trade much with them.
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