X-BTF final mission problem - RESOLVED

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X-BTF final mission problem - RESOLVED

Post by perceval » Mon, 16. Nov 20, 15:10

So it turns out that per my initial request in my previous post, I won't need anyone's savegames after all. I simply played through X-BTF once more. However, I'm a bit stuck at the end, for I have difficulty destroyng the mothership because of one strange apparent issue, I'm having.

I managed to convince the Teladi and the Boron to follow us into battle, but I didn't want to bother with the Split and Paranid. Unfortunately, When I return to Argon (like Teladi and Boron suggested), Ban Dana apparently doesn't want to talk to me anymore, so I just head back to Thuruks Beard as initially agreed with him. Then when I go into the Xenon sector where the mothership is, no one is coming to help me. So I'm alone and that makes it a bit hard to lessen the pressure on my back. Am I missing something?

I managed to destroy the M0 in one of my attempts, but was myself destroyed when trying to escape the sector. Thanks again for any help.

UPDATE: forget it ; I managed to beat it anyway. Three carriers managed to arrive at some point and they were just cluttered and the very north of the sector, like idiots. Now, onto X2!!

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