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Just picked up Elite Dangerous. X Series is better

Posted: Fri, 18. Sep 20, 21:00
by angrysquirrel
TItle says it all. I own X3, Terran Conflict and rebirth. Not huge fan of rebirth, but X3 and Terran Conflict is so much better than Elite Dangerous. Everything is just better. If you guys brought back landing on planets like you did in the earlier x series, that would be awesome. In fact, after buying ED it makes me want to go back and play the X series again. All I can say is I'm glad I bought ED on sale. It's not as good as the original elite and X blows it all away. Anyway, I hope the devs read this post and know that one of their customers like the X series better.

Re: Just picked up Elite Dangerous. X Series is better

Posted: Sun, 27. Sep 20, 11:37
by Lotharian
Interesting. I bought ED and haven't played it yet. Different games can offer different things. A lot of people call X3 "Eve Offline." I played Eve for many years; it's certainly a lot deeper, but not having to interact with other humans is always a big plus for me. :)

I've really been liking X3 lately as I've played it more (played it on and off for years but not as in-depth as now - finally doing the plots & making complexes.) But there's also a lot of things I'd change or add. Really makes me want to create my own game. Hopefully someday I will!

Re: Just picked up Elite Dangerous. X Series is better

Posted: Thu, 1. Oct 20, 14:40
by Zaitsev
I've played both ED and all incarnations of X3 (Reunion, TC and AP), and while ED was nice and all it felt shallow and grindy compared to X3. True, X3 can definitely be grindy as well, but I've found that it always offered something to distract me from the grind. Missions, empire building, managing said empire, keeping your stuff safe from Xenon/pirates, and deciding whether you should play nice with all the races or just bring in a missile boat and nuke someone off the map. ED, on the other hand, is pretty much a one man show, and spending half an hour jumping across the Milky Way galaxy to complete my mission, without anything other than possibly being inter-dick-ted to distract me, got repetitive and tedious pretty fast. And the endless variety of mods you can install in X3 only adds to the already massive replay value, at least in my opinion. [/rant]

TL;DR: I've played both, but the X-universe is by far my favorite of the two.