X3-R Mission 3 Stuck on Cutscene

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X3-R Mission 3 Stuck on Cutscene

Post by skelerin » Wed, 29. Jul 20, 19:39

I debated posting this in the technical thread, but since this wasn't really a bug I'm posting it here.
So recently I've been trying out a new strategy to get past mission 3 (which is hunting down the Talon), which involved attacking it directly and not bothering with the fighters in Farham's Legend after he does the two jumps (my reasoning was that my buster would take a lot of damage just trying to dodge it and my NPC is basically useless, so why risk getting destroyed at the very end?) which seemed like the best approach. However, when he drops the crystal, Seya does not pick it up and just floats around in space, possibly evading the pirates that never shoot at her, and the game is stuck like this.


Is this skippable? Can I do something about it or is the game stuck? I've hit every single key on my keyboard to no avail.

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Re: X3-R Mission 3 Stuck on Cutscene

Post by jlehtone » Wed, 29. Jul 20, 20:36

Simon Moon's walkthrough is almost identical (but shoots fighters before first jump).

If game is stuck, then isn't that a "bug"? Is it reproducible?

Some of the plot missions are said to have rare fighters; the missions being the only chance to capture one. For that reason some did not "ignore the distractions". I don't know, for I've played the plot only once (14 years ago), blissfully unaware of "trophies". (I got idea quite early -- alas, not before couple first missions -- to first arm myself properly, before doing plot. Turns out you can't fly M1 on all missions.)
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