X3AP stock share recovery issue ?

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X3AP stock share recovery issue ?

Post by dadmod » Sun, 19. Jul 20, 23:19

Long time player in the Poisoned Paranid scenario. Have advanced through the business scenario up to level 10 'business total monopoly' however I'm stuck with 1200+ corporation shares to retrieve and for some reason I am not getting any messages that another group of shares have been located for me to track down (I believe the auction set is next). Without this set I won't get the 'blood stained' note leading to the new asteroid/gate discovery that ultimately results in discovery of a new sector.
I returned to a save game at level 6 'first positive steps' with the same result.
Has anyone experienced similar? Is this some glitch? Any corrective measure available?

Alan Phipps
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Re: X3AP stock share recovery issue ?

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 20. Jul 20, 16:13

There's no need to post the same thing in different forums. I'll leave this gameplay post open and lock the other.
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