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Returning player

Post by shaub100 » Fri, 29. May 20, 19:25

Many years of not playing, decided to get back into X. Starting with TC and Steam has me at version 3.4. So if anybody still reads this forum could you help with some questions

1. Using a PS4 controller. Any advice regarding key / button bindings

2. Which is the easiest Scenario to start off with. I’ve got all of them available. I was thinking USC commander?

3. Any scripts / mods I should definitely start off with?

4. Should I actually start with TC or go straight into a later version

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Re: Returning player

Post by jlehtone » Fri, 29. May 20, 20:24

1. Never used a controller.

2. There is next to no difference, except in some starts, but I presume the Humble Trader to be on the easy side; one can scout and MORT from start.

3. As vanilla player I say: Bonuspack

4. TC has some unique content, so it is a valid choice
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Re: Returning player

Post by siddham » Fri, 29. May 20, 22:26

I am starting again in TC and will be using the Xtreme start, aka Nostalgic Argon
I think vanilla with the Bonus Pack will be fine for me starting out

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