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MMB Docking trouble

Posted: Sun, 5. Apr 20, 15:41
by ErikWolf

Don't know what is going on , Ive started as a Terran commander, got my katana to Saturn, did a little Fighting... Got to terran of Io. Bought a MMB and a baldric miner upgraded them fully. And the mother****

Baldric dont give me any kind of choice to select the MMB to dock even if it as 5 docking port for ts.

Tried with all ship nothing dock to my **** MMB.

Is it possible that if my Cargo is full that what is happening? Any lead someone ?

Playing AP / no mod / Terran commander / bonus pack

Re: MMB Docking trouble

Posted: Sun, 5. Apr 20, 16:53
by Alan Phipps
The MMBS is just a normal TL (effectively a nicer-looking Mammoth with an extra turret but limited weapon choices) and it cannot dock TSs in vanilla. They and/or the MMBS would need transporter devices to exchange wares in space. Older thread.

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Re: MMB Docking trouble

Posted: Mon, 6. Apr 20, 12:48
by jlehtone
TS can dock to
  • Aran in X3TC
  • Aran, Valhalla, Kyoto, Ariadne, and Guppy in X3AP