[X3:AP] Not included/cut ships

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[X3:AP] Not included/cut ships

Post by KrYcHokE » Fri, 14. Feb 20, 02:12

Find some assets made fore Albion Prelude but newer added to the game:
Full albom: Art Assets for X3 Albion Prelude
Why those ships was not added to the game? Any chance that they will be adden in future?

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Re: [X3:AP] Not included/cut ships

Post by fireanddream » Tue, 18. Feb 20, 06:06

Are those official?

Game is literally more than 10 years old so I find it unlikely.

However, it's a shame that the argon capital ships do not follow the dope phantom/HCP design, basically, batmobile space ver., but just end up being rather generic bricks in my personal opinion.

I can't really tell a titan, colossus, minotaur and cerberus apart without looking at the map, so I wish they have a different style.

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