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X3TC the hub

Post by dontwant10 » Mon, 10. Feb 20, 16:45

where can I find nividium I have to deliver 500 units to the hub to continue in X3 reunion I found nividium in Atraun clouds but not in TC

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Re: X3TC the hub

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 10. Feb 20, 17:32

X3:R and X3:TC are pretty different games and so some such differences are to be expected. (Moved to gameplay forum from the Scripts and Modding forum.)

This should help you.
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Re: X3TC the hub

Post by jlehtone » Mon, 10. Feb 20, 18:16

There are some Nividium Asteroids in the X-Universe. See https://seizewell.de/x3-tc/asteroiden/X3TC.php

However, there are small Nividium rocks here and there. For example, Kingdom End and Scale Plate Green have such rocks, IIRC.
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