[X3:AP] Can't locate Savage Spur gate in Empires Edge

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[X3:AP] Can't locate Savage Spur gate in Empires Edge

Post by Jerbs » Tue, 28. Jan 20, 09:38


I reinstalled X3:AP and fired up an old save (appears to be V3.3). I've been poking around with things and reading some old posts here and there. Apparently I need to head to Yaki space to try and get some IBLs (?) for a new ship.

I reached Empires Edge, but couldn't locate the gate to Savage Spur. I've searched for how to find the gate and the information found in older posts were:
- install a Triples Scanner (one is installed) and fly west (off map) and find a lone asteroid, it'll be behind that. Result: I haven't been able to find any lone asteroids.
- navigate to XYZ co-ords -43940,-14500,-9000 and find the gate Result: nothing there. This took me to where Rogueys map (https://roguey.co.uk/x3ap/universe/x1-y7/) said it should be (same location when looking on my map and comparing to his), but nothing, not even a lone asteroid is there.

Does the gate move, or chance for it to be destroyed?? I'm at a loss as to where it is.

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Re: [X3:AP] Can't locate Savage Spur gate in Empires Edge

Post by Alan Phipps » Tue, 28. Jan 20, 13:46

Unless your game install and/or save is corrupt or modded, it should be there. It doesn't move and it cannot be destroyed.

The foolproof way that might take a while is to lurk on the ecliptic plane at the west edge of Empire's Edge mapped area with your triplex scanner and then follow any NPC ship heading west. Normally though, a thorough search to the west should let you see the gate at a reasonable distance through any murk.

You could also try dropping an advanced satellite while in your search and picking it up again if nothing found that time.
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