[X2] Can you increase Goner rank without mods?

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[X2] Can you increase Goner rank without mods?

Post by fig » Sun, 19. Jan 20, 13:25

I've been playing X2 on and off for years. I've done just about everything, but I've never thought about trying to increase my Goner rank until now.

According to the various really old threads on the subject, after you've finished the plot your Goner rank will end up at the Preacher rank, either 6% or 22%. Mine is Preacher 22%. At that point it seems there is no way to increase your rank further. Nanook (see viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67546&start=44) thought that you just had to spend a lot of money at the Goner temple, but I tried buying over a million salvage insurances and it doesn't work. The Goner rank didn't change. Does anyone know if there is another way? I suppose I could go on a search to find the UFO base but I suspect that won't work either :wink:

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