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Help With Commands - X2, Resolved

Posted: Sun, 15. Dec 19, 21:25
by Thornberry
I'm not having any luck getting my Teladi Ospray to patrol sectors. When I try to remotely command it to Patrol Single Sector it takes me to the universe map. So I then select a sector and then once inside the sector it tells me to select a position with the cursor. I've noticed that I can move the cursor with the number keypad, but beyond this I've no idea what to do here.

I'm also having no luck with the Patrol multiple Sectors option. When I try it I immediately get a message from the ship telling me that I have to provide it with a list of sectors and that the command to define a patrol route is in the Additional Ship Commands area of the command console. I've looked but I can find no 'Additional Ship Commands' in this section.

Can anyone help?

Re: Help With Commands

Posted: Sun, 15. Dec 19, 23:21
by Alan Phipps
If for X3TC then you can find some advice here. Some more here.

If for X3AP then you don't even need Additional Ship Commands, you just need to be in your ship command menu (Shift-C when in space and away from a station dock or else otherwise navigate to ship commands if docked) and select Patrol Sectors and then follow the obvious cues to just patrol the default current sector, choose another sector instead or to add more sectors from the map before your hit the green 'Start Patrol'.

Re: Help With Commands

Posted: Mon, 16. Dec 19, 00:18
by Thornberry
Sorry, I should have specified - this is for X2.

Re: Help With Commands

Posted: Mon, 16. Dec 19, 21:12
by jlehtone
X2 Bonuspack Readme (in XML, that nothing in Win 10 want's to format for humans :headbang: ) writes:
Patrol Single Sector
This command will prompt the player for four waypoints in a single sector. The ship will fly to the sector if it is not already there. Once the sector has been reached, the ship will begin scanning for enemies and patrolling between the waypoints.

Patrol Multi-Sector
This command requires a sector patrol list to have been already built before it will work properly. Defining a sector patrol list is discussed in the next section. Once the command is started the ship will fly to the nearest sector in the patrol route if it is not already there. ...
* It is possible to add / remove sectors from a ships patrol list while the ship is currently patrolling. You do not need to restart the patrol command, it will use the new list automatically.

Defining a Multi-Sector Patrol List
Sector patrol lists can be defined for any ship M6 class or larger. They may consist of any number of sectors. The command to add/remove a sector from the sector patrol list is towards the bottom of the command console in the 'Additional Ship Commands' menu. Select the 'Add / Remove Sector from Patrol List' command and then select a sector. Depending on the following criteria, certain actions are taken:
  • You are beginning a new list:
    The patrol sector list will be created for this ship and this sector will be added to it as the first entry
  • Sector is not currently in the list:
    The chosen sector will be added to the end of the patrol sector list
  • Sector is already in the list:
    The chosen sector will be removed from the patrol sector list
  • Sector is already in the list and is the initial entry:
    Selecting the first sector in the sector patrol list clears the list completely, allowing you to start over
I have not played X2 since early 2006. Captain's log entries unbrowseable ... loading save ...

When you have moved the cursor to desired point, hit Enter. After fourth point the patrol starts.

The "Additional Ship Commands" are after "Turret Control" and before "Configuration". There are "Slot 1" and "Slot 2".
Select either one. You should get a list. My M6s have three possible "commands": [None], [AdvInfo], and [Patrol.A/R] for a slot.
In small ships I apparently did run "Missile Defence Mosquito" in one of the two slots.

Re: Help With Commands

Posted: Tue, 17. Dec 19, 07:24
by Thornberry
Thanks so much for that, jlehtone. I've finally managed to get it working now.