AP- one last complex for Terrans.

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AP- one last complex for Terrans.

Post by Sovereign01 » Thu, 14. Nov 19, 02:06

With the anniversary of X4 coming up soon I figured I'd give AP one more run before jumping ship and realised I should at least try to grapple with one last obstacle, namely the Terran economy.

I'm planning on building a water complex in Asteroid Belt with the huge (133!) ice asteroid at its heart and so far have matched the asteroid's output with the capacity of the water purification plants. I'm using Paranid factories for the food & crystals so their supplies are separate.

The tricky part is that if I only produced water I wouldn't be taking full advantage of the resources that sector has to offer with the availability of both Silicon and Ore so I'm a bit stuck as to what else to produce. I already produce Terran ship guns, missiles & warheads elsewhere so I've got that covered so I'm left with the following choices for products:

Terran MRE/Protein Paste
C-Ration/Carbo Cake
Flavour Pack
Vita Kai

Keris Drone

EMP Rifle
Hull Plating
Matter/Antimatter Mine

There does seem to be some demand for the four food items, just not on the same scale as water. I've no idea if there's need for Keris drones, those need silicon if I'm going to make them.

This leaves the following ore-dependent wares: hull plating, rifles and antimatter mines. Is there the demand for the weaponry or should I focus entirely on the hull?
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Re: AP- one last complex for Terrans.

Post by zazie » Mon, 18. Nov 19, 17:50

I try to answer your questions on an X3TC-base (I have never played AP :oops: )

There are only small markets for EMP Rifles, Mines and Keris: Trading Stations and their wear of wares. => almost no demand and at a very slow pace.
Hull Plating is a little bit more interesting - if you succeed in keeping the stations using it alive. [Keris on the other hand can be very interesting as one of the players assets, meaning using an awful lot of Keris on your own Terran ships].

So I would not recommend to build those stations.

There are two possibilities for taking advantage out of those other asterois than Ice:
1. Use them for a production line for other equipment than Terran and 'connect' the production with CLS to your other stations in non-Terran-Sectors.
2. If you want to keep strictly to Terran economy, place Ice-Mines on all Silicon or Ore-Asteroids and connect them with the Ice-Mines on Ice-roids to a large Super-Mine-Complex. The production of Ice out of those 'other' asteroids will be very slow; but as each additional Mine offers additional Cargo capacity your complex will have enourmous capacity for constant Water-supply throughout the universe.

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