[X3] Suggestion re maximum pricing of resources

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[X3] Suggestion re maximum pricing of resources

Post by glenmcd » Sun, 1. Sep 19, 13:15

I feel that the logic for dynamic pricing of resource wares in factories could be improved. Several problems, one solution. Problem 1: You virtually never see a factory offering maximum price for any resources. Problem 2: You often see factories particularly those producing weapons, unable to produce because nobody sells them the resources they need to do another production cycle. This has to do with the size of the resource bins, which are generally rounded to some even multiple of one thousand, and the number of resources needed per production cycle. Unless a resource bin is completely empty, maximum price is not offered. In some cases, even though there are insufficient wares to start another production cycle, the price offered is actually quite close to average price. It makes sense to me that if a factory has insufficient resources to start another production cycle, that they should be offering maximum price, regardless of how many of that resource are currently sitting unusable in the resource bin.

The same logic may be applied to factories with product bins full enough that they cannot do another production run, but because the product bin is not actually completely full, they ask for higher than minimum price. This is not so much a problem, as can be seen often with Solar Power Plants. However with other factory types this is the case. I've actually written many mods to work around these issues, for example one of them added or removed a few wares in order to force minimum/maximum price of resource or product. Playing many games with this happening got the results I was after and I didn't notice any gotyas. I know it's late in the development of X3 but it's still a great game and I think the above would be a welcome change. On the down side, it would probably make it a tad easier to make credits faster and so possibly alienate those with existing records. What do you think?

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