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X3TC/AP - Fleet controls

Posted: Mon, 12. Aug 19, 17:49
by Hairless-Ape
Is there a way to command a Fleet to attack a target's shields?
I see a command for a single ship to do it, but not a fleet.


Re: Fleet controls

Posted: Tue, 13. Aug 19, 21:14
by Hairless-Ape
No one knows.

Re: Fleet controls

Posted: Wed, 14. Aug 19, 10:54
by Alan Phipps
Please don't bump threads. You asked a gameplay question in the Tech Sp forum which is probably where few players will see it and you didn't even say what X game it was. I'll move it to the main Universe forum where more will see it.

Re: X3TC/AP - Fleet controls

Posted: Wed, 14. Aug 19, 17:54
by jlehtone
Only the AP has "Fleets". Fleet Commands do not include shield attack.

Wings do have Shield Attack command on both TC and AP.