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[X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Wed, 10. Jul 19, 12:01
by Klord
So after several playthroughs and 100s of Unfocused Jumping, finally managed to grab a pandora box in an UFJD sector. Although its just one rudder tuning, that is a rain drop for a dry dessert.
How many extra turnings have you found in your UFJD adventures?

Re: [X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Wed, 10. Jul 19, 14:29
by Alan Phipps
I suspect that the reply to that will depend on the frequency and level of 'find script', reload and patience/determination in use. The UFJD crates are so very rare and so very, very hard to find even when they do appear in 'normal' vanilla that they can be discounted there for use in any numbers.

Unlike the original Pandora crates, you don't get any clues or hints in X3AP.

Re: [X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Wed, 10. Jul 19, 19:14
by jlehtone
Didn't you ask this "a while" ago? Yes, you did. :P

kurush wrote then "600+ with 30'000 jumps". We can probably assume that his script saw a container, if one did spawn. Looks like at least 2% chance to have one on any given UF sector.

Jimmy C did post stats recently. 535 jumps and 27 containers.

I seem to have found 17 containers and visited 179 UF sectors. However, I have exactly 4 rudder tunings, so the remaining 13 must be something else, including plot devices. If we apply the fact that all secret containers are not tunings into Jimmy C's values, then all three observations are on the 2+% ballpark.

I have not checked every UF sector thoroughly (I was on other business) and therefore the game may have spawned more than 4 tuning crates within those 179 sectors/visits.

How did you scan each of those "100s of" sectors for hidden crates?

Re: [X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Thu, 11. Jul 19, 00:21
by Red-Spot
My Eclipse is running at 254m/s and my Griffon is turning at 5.4rpm.
Funny thing is, early on at some point I skipped picking up the PALC's cause I found 12 in close succession. Had a few engine tunings show up early on and no rudder tunings.
Now I only seem to find rudder tunings and a whole load of Aran's (havent yet captured one).

20 Containers found according my personal stats, but I do not know how it is counted. Does it include the crates from the pirate sectors?
Used those on my Eclipse(speed) and Guppy(rudder). Eventually got a Griffon & UFJD and the Guppy made place for the Griffon when I made the move to start UFJD-ing.
21PALC's stored on an Elephant, most found with 3 in a crate or at least 2 (did not bother getting the single PALC's).

No idea how many jumps I made, takes about ~1 to 1,5 hours to find something. Probably around 100ish jumps for a find now, but I do the save-scum thingy :)

Re: [X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Fri, 26. Jul 19, 13:21
by Le Boron Chétif
Not in front of the game right now, but I found enough overtuning crates to bring my Boreas to 150ms / 3rpm and my Griffon to 220ms / 7rpm...

If you're keen for your game not to be labelled as *Modified*, here is the process I followed personally to find them, in the most time effective way possible. It was still a total grind, and in the end I got the *Modified* status anyway (by mistake...), so not something I'd necessarily recommend! At any rate, it requires the 'Reveal Wares' script (I don't have the exact name at hand but can retrieve it - I found it somewhere on this forum initially), which immediately flags any ware present in the sector with a satellite.

1) Save game
3) Save game on another slot
4) Run the 'Reveal Wares' script
5a) If there's any nice crate present in the sector (speed, rudder or even PALC), write down its coordinates, reload the second save and go get the crate. UFJD back to known universe and repeat from step 1.
5b) If no crate in the sector, reload from step 1 and keep going... Note that the 5 steps together take just over a minute if you're focused.

[EDIT] Oh, and there was this old post of mine in which SirNukes shared the exact % of chances to find either an engine tuning, a rudder optimisation or a set of PALC in each UFJD sector :
The crate spawning logic is in director/3.08 Sector Management.xml. Always 1 tuning per crate, though 1-3 PALCs. 1% for engine, 2% for rudder, 3% for PALC spawning.

Re: [X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Fri, 26. Jul 19, 17:32
by Red-Spot
Step 0) Change name to 'Thereshallbewing'
3b) Type 'pms' to activate the editor

Saves so much time if you do not need to change your name constantly :)

Re: [X3-AP] UFJD Pandora Box

Posted: Sat, 27. Jul 19, 17:50
by DrSuperEvil
You get approx. 4 tunings per 100 jumps. Best to use an Aran or Kyoto as a base ship and have a TM full of kestrels deploy and retrieve a 4x4x4 Advanced Satellite grid with 40km between each other.

Also it is 3% chance for engine, 1% chance for rudder and 2% chance for PALCs.