[TC] Has anyone else seen this fella?

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[TC] Has anyone else seen this fella?

Post by nponoBegHuk » Sun, 14. Apr 19, 00:07

Wow, nearly 3000 hours into this game and it's the first time I see one of these. Pirate DRAGON? :gruebel: Not corporation mission or anything. Just, you know, a pirate strolling around with his buddies. In a Dragon. I guess they are running low on Centaurs and Ospreys these days.

Check him out: https://youtu.be/pgNF9atdzMM

I guess he's spawned by this job https://i.imgur.com/7LWwpob.png , but damn, either I was flying blind or he's too shy and rarely shows up.
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Re: [TC] Has anyone else seen this fella?

Post by Alan Phipps » Sun, 14. Apr 19, 12:21

Yes the Pirates are known to use standard race M6s and other ships occasionally from the jobs. Those ships are exactly the same as the original race versions.
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Re: [TC] Has anyone else seen this fella?

Post by Red-Spot » Sun, 14. Apr 19, 18:16

See Nemesis' all over the place :)
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Re: [TC] Has anyone else seen this fella?

Post by orangenee » Mon, 29. Apr 19, 02:20

Yeah, saw one try and get in on a multi-race strike on an invincible station once.

Lasted about 30 seconds, never saw one again.

That may have been AP though come to think of it, the military tend to be more adventurous in that version.

Pirates get their mits on nearly everything shy of high end cap ships.

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