Play it, Sam.

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Play it, Sam.

Post by jlehtone » Wed, 9. Jan 19, 00:25

Fetch forgotten M6. Wonderful. Easy drill for marines. Summon our Acino!

Acino: "In position"
Me: "Board that Corvette"
Marines: "On the way"

Something is not right. Only four of eight Marines are on the job, cutting hull.

Me: "Acino, be a Pirate!"
Acino: "Wut?" <no action>
Me: "Launch all marines!"
Acino: "Wait till I get into range"
Me: "What?"

Finally the second team launches ... in suits.

Team 1: "Hacking CPU"
Team 2: "Contact, cutting hull"
Team 1: "Ship is ours"
Team 2: "Almost through"
Me: "Team 1. Teleport to Mothership. Go. Go. Go."

Team 2 gets the hull open ... and decides to walk back to Acino hush hush.

Both marine teams get hauled off the sector.
The M6 gets a skeleton gerbil crew and jumps to client.

Only two things remain:
  • Me, wondering how I forgot to resupply the Acino with Pods. Again. :oops:
  • That eerie creaking tone of stressed hull keeps playing on and on. The boarding is over, the cut ship has left the sector, but the sounds just linger there. :doh:
Leaving the environment finally ends the purgatory.

On the bright side:
* No losses
* Team 2 did not start a fight inside my ship
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Re: Play it, Sam.

Post by Taylor2008 » Wed, 9. Jan 19, 02:46


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