X3AP: Weapon icons and understanding? Wiki?

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X3AP: Weapon icons and understanding? Wiki?

Post by Truthowl » Mon, 31. Dec 18, 02:35

I'm playing X3AP.... Starting to think I should make that my signature.. lol

Anyway, I tried looking for a wiki, or something, to help explain to me the different weapons, and those weapon icons we see while at a station with a weapon highlighted. I guess the little blue circle means damage to shields? The little green cards means damage to hull?

Is there a wiki for X3AP? I mean one that gives useful descriptions and information for the game.
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Re: X3AP: Weapon icons and understanding? Wiki?

Post by radcapricorn » Mon, 31. Dec 18, 02:50

The first "wiki" to consult would be in-game encyclopedia (Sidebar -> Personal -> Advanced -> Encyclopedia). It lists all objects (ships, equipment, etc.) that you have already encountered in game, info on races and reputations, ware prices, the works. When trading in an Equipment Dock or inspecting wares in your cargo hold, you can press "i" while having a ware selected, it should pop up its encyclopedia entry.

There's an official online wiki here. There used to be another one, but at the moment the browser complains about security on that.

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