Best game/mod to revisit?

General discussions about the games by Egosoft including X-BTF, XT, X², X³: Reunion, X³: Terran Conflict and X³: Albion Prelude.

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Best game/mod to revisit?

Post by Goldfinch » Tue, 11. Dec 18, 18:37

X4 has got me back into the series but I want to wait for more updates before I sink a lot of time into it.

I've been playing some X2 for nostalgia's sake but it's got me thinking about the best way to revisit the series pre-rebirth.

I've put the most time into vanilla x3tc (using QoL and minor mods but nothing big), but I've played every game from X2 on. I remember XTM for Reunion was amazing at the time but a lot of the features were incorporated into TC, does it still have much of interest that didn't show up in the later games, or the TC version of the mod?

Also heard good things about Litcube's universe but I was never big on managing huge fleets as they get so fiddly. I really like exploring and building up slowly from a challenging start.

So if you were going to play one game and mod again, which would it be?

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Re: Best game/mod to revisit?

Post by jlehtone » Tue, 11. Dec 18, 19:14

Information/opinions about S&M is on X2 S&M, X3R S&M, and X3 TC/AP S&M Fora.

On this Forum you are in danger of meeting vanilla players, or ones like me, who do not understand the concept of "again" for we are still on our first playthrough. :x3:

That said, the X3AP is least inconvenient for obvious reasons, and the style of the code in Lucike's scripts is aesthetically pleasing.
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Re: Best game/mod to revisit?

Post by donzi » Wed, 12. Dec 18, 00:31

I think you're on the right game at the moment (X2) actually. :mrgreen: I've made stabs at XBTF and X-Tension but X2 was really my main introduction to the X games and IMO it's got the widest range of 'stuff' done nicely of all the X games from X2 onward.

My theory is that without needing to spend so much time on photo realistic character models egosoft was able to include a long list of objectives for the game.

X2 has my favorite UI I think along with the HUD, I love the multi-monitors. It's snappy and delivers info fast and easy rip through once getting settled in on the keyboard shortcuts. IIRC, things got a little more cumbersome in the menus/map with the X3 onward as the mouse became more an option for doing everything. The M6 corvette class ships I really like too.

I love them all though. I'd say my most played game would be X3:R and oddly enough it's probably only a couple/few hundred hours above the play time I have logged in X:R... I blame it on X2 though. X2 planted the seeds for walking on stations, etc -- not existing solely as a ship within the game.

I guess that the folks who vocalize the hate of walking in X never got the seeds X2 planted, or maybe didn't like X2 or even play it.

My games generally are vanilla or close to so not going to be much help about the best mods/modding aspects except that I'd guess that X2 and X3:R will have the most mature mods and perhaps even a greater diversity but you probably know better on that than I do.

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