Shady Buisness impossible to beat.

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Shady Buisness impossible to beat.

Post by Adormus » Mon, 10. Dec 18, 05:03

How in the world are you supposed to beat the UFJD sector? I barely get to collect a single shield and weapon before 3 Ps, 1 PX, 2 LX and 2347562378563485634856825678278593578932453523894572349827345892345893475348976 Ls/Ms spawn almost on top of me. Meanwhile the ship turns with 2 rpm, making it literally impossible to hit anything at all with the ISR. I manage to hit 4-6 of those zergling Ls with torpedos, but it makes no difference at all, since they just spawn anew in a matter of seconds.

Seriously, how in the ****** world are you supposed to do this? Can you somehow edit the save to make the ship at least useable? IDGAF about a modded save. Not when the game is so clearly broken. Sorry for raging, but I'm a bit pissed right now after spending money on the bugfest that is X4 only to then settle for the superior X3AP and getting involved with the BS that is the whole Shady Buisness quest.

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Re: Shady Buisness impossible to beat.

Post by jlehtone » Mon, 10. Dec 18, 08:04

Yes, that mission did require more than one attempt.

Old thread has some tips.

The linked thread says that staying far from the jumpdrive components that you are supposed to collect does give some time.

Speed is life. Repairing the ship is thus important.

Other threads mention docking the test ship into Valhalla or Kyoto before the autojump into Graveyard occurs. That gives you more than just a broken M6 against the Xenon.
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