Questions about X-BTF on the modern PC

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Questions about X-BTF on the modern PC

Post by Amon2501 » Thu, 6. Dec 18, 21:09

Hello there. I never played the X-BTF (the first one) before, and want to do it soon. So i have a pair of questions before i`ll buy a game (the GOG version) Does it support a joystick especially for the throttle? I`m playing on the X52 Saitek and had no problems with X2 but what about X-Btf? And also how does it look on the widescreen resolutions? Are there any distortions like fish-eye planets or stretched objects? What should i do - play it on the monitor`s native 1680x1050 or better keep the aspect ratio of 4:3 and tolerate the black bars on it`s sides (not a big deal, if needed)? Thanks.

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Re: Questions about X-BTF on the modern PC

Post by jlehtone » Fri, 7. Dec 18, 17:59

Wide (16:9) was slightly akward (no stretch, but some of UI was invisible) some years ago, but it seems to have improved (IIRC, there were some updates). Wider than 16:9 does not even start on Windows 10 (I had to drop to 16:9 just to test).

Easy to test. Set Windows screen resolution and check how things look out in the game, set different ...

I know that the game works with Saitek X52. Mine has leaky Z-axis though, but the rest is good.

Note though that the throttle sets the desired speed, but the Boost Extension goes beyond. In X2 the Boost simply accelerates to top speed. In Xbtf both accelerates and keeps doing that beyond the nominal max speed of the ship (or something like that).
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