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x4 hacked ?

Post by Browser_ice » Thu, 6. Dec 18, 18:34

After doing a simple Google search for any links that have the following words "x3 egosoft galaxy editor", it gave me as first link the one below:
Galaxy Editor - X3 Wiki
Feb 25, 2015 - The Galaxy Editor is an Easter Egg, much like the Script Editor, (mostly used by Egosoft staff) and enables players to modify the pre-existing ...
Clicking on it, I got a warning from Google saying the site is not secured, meaning it is not really a https kind of site. I clicked to go there anyway and I was surprised to see it was now something completely different and not related to X3. It is something about a TransIP Reserved Domain.

Anyone else getting this ?

If yes, then did the domain registration got renewed ?
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