X3 Series Save Game/Profile Manager

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X3 Series Save Game/Profile Manager

Post by bit.hauler » Fri, 16. Nov 18, 00:12

I built a very basic manager that lets you manage your profiles and save games. But if you're looking for a feature rich save game manager, this is not it. For that, you should have a look at the Save Game Manager by MrBadger.

This manager doesn't require Java and only runs on Windows 64bit (I originally built it on Windows 7 so it should be compatible with that and later). It assumes if you want to switch profiles (save game set for a given player) you will want to keep all your saves together. It supports X3:R, X3:TC, X3:AP, and the X3 Playable Demo. It will make backups of your profiles which you can restore later. It simply works by copying files around from a storage location.

My X3 Profile Manager is a very light-weight application. Please, let me know if you have questions or concerns. I'm open to considering pull requests if you want to improve it on GitHub.

You can download it here.

- bit

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