X2 High Yield Asteroids Too Small For Mines [Resolved]

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X2 High Yield Asteroids Too Small For Mines [Resolved]

Post by Radar » Tue, 13. Nov 18, 14:06

Hey Gang,

I've been trying to plan my universe-spanning mega-corporation (before doing the first mission), but the size:yield ratio of asteroids seems to be inverted - whenever I go to check out high-yield asteroids, they all end up being almost small enough to pick up in my Disco, and the low-yield 'roids could just about be called moons.

This is with the Steam edition of X2.

Ive gone through this a couple of times. The first time, I thought that maybe it was because it was installed under Program Files, so re-installed Steam in C:\Steam. The second time I thought it was because I install all my games on my Linux-based NAS using Samba, and Microsoft's mklink command, as I have had the odd prog get a little confused with that setup.

The network setup...

OS: Windows 10
Install Directory (Logical): "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\X2 - The Threat"
Install Directory (Actual): "\\Server\Public\Games\Steam Library\common\X2 - The Threat" (mklink /D C:\Steam\steamapps "\\Server\Public\Games\Steam Library")

So, trying again, I renamed the link directory, made a new steamapps directory, and did a fresh install of X2, then went around looking at asteroids again, (before doing the first mission), and am getting the same results.

Do I have to progress through the missions to a point where these high-yield asteroids "grow up" so that I can put mines on them?

Have fun!
Radar =8^)
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Re: X2 High Yield Asteroids Too Small For Mines

Post by jlehtone » Tue, 13. Nov 18, 21:18

IIRC, the X2 has Asteroids, but no rocks (at start).

When you detect Asteroid, it is listed on the Sector map too. You can scan them. You can build Mine on them.

You can detonate an Asteroid (with Hornet or Mining Laser). That creates small rocks. Rocks do not show on the map, but do have type and yield. They can be collected, like containers, with a ship that has Ore Collector. That is "Mobile Mining".

A detonated Asteroid will respawn after some hours.

Size does not matter. You either have an Asteroid, or you don't.

If you do have rocks, then something must have detonated an Asteroid. Probably in your presence. That would be the vanilla explanation.

Corrupted game is Tech Support issue. You can ask the Mods to move this thread to TS Forum. Be prepared to supply the diagnostic data that TS Forum requires.
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Re: X2 High Yield Asteroids Too Small For Mines [Resolved]

Post by Radar » Wed, 14. Nov 18, 07:33

Hey jlehtone,

Thanks for the info :)

I went back to the game stored on my NAS, popped down to Spring of Belief, and had another shot at planting some mines, and all was good.

I just didn't have my TL close enough the first few times I tried, and so I hopped into my Disco to have a closer look at some of the asteroids, and they looked like rocks...

After putting 2 and 2 together, and getting 15, I started this thread :oops:

Have fun!

Radar =8^)

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