Bankrupt Assassin Scenario

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Bill Huntington
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Bankrupt Assassin Scenario

Post by Bill Huntington » Tue, 6. Nov 18, 02:38

We're already a generation or two behind it in game history, but I wanted to compliment Egosoft for the thought process that gave us the Bankrupt Assassin scenario, from beginning to end. You start with the Mamba, an ideal capping ship. Selling the beginning weapons gets you right into things. So far so good.

You start with both the Paranid and the Boron as red, so easy to find and identify. The thing I just noticed recently was the level these two are at. Enemy of the Priest Duke and Queen's Nemesis. A cap will lower you one or two points; not much. Ten or twenty caps and you're still not too much lower. A good mission for either of them can raise your rep several levels, when it's time for that. But you don't want to get another level down. Then it's a harder recovery. But twenty caps at a million or three? A big reward and a reasonable recovery. You could kill civilians in a core sector or attack a station and lose significant rep, but you have to work at it.

At the beginning, there's the attacks of the pirates, more of an irritation than anything else. But they can come when you're in middle of something delicate. If you like combat rather than station building and a trading empire from the very beginning, this one is a good choice. I can ride the Mamba all the way to the $20 Mil mark, where other game choices come into play. Thanks for an excellent gamestart, Egosoft!

Additional comments, pilots?
Bill in S.F., enjoying the game

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Re: Bankrupt Assassin Scenario

Post by ConorC » Tue, 6. Nov 18, 02:59

I never actually did a bankrupt assasin start before, maybe I'll give it a go before X4 comes out

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