Advanced Satellites 101

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Advanced Satellites 101

Post by devilofbelfast » Thu, 1. Nov 18, 15:36

I've seen this topic come up time after time here; where do i put my adv sats?

Heres my thoughts; place a small cheap station in desired sector, place a few lasertowers around said station and homebase them to said station. Drop advanced satellite within the lasertower perimiter. Any enemy wishing to destroy your property should try to attack your station first thus getting blown to bits by the lasertowers and leaving your satellite nicely protected.
Yes, you do increase the effective cost of dropping that sat 50x over or more but this one stays alive rather than needing replaced frequently, it also gives you effective sector coverage rather than sitting 20-30km up and missing everything. When needing to deploy in highly hostile sectors, homebase as many Hyperions to the station as there are docking clamps.

Odds of your satellites getting destroyed now? Maybe 1%

Overkill? Yes, but whats the point of making all those credits if you wont use them to secure your universe properly?
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Re: Advanced Satellites 101

Post by Honved » Thu, 1. Nov 18, 17:08

Standard Navigational Satellites can be placed anywhere more than around 10km from the traffic lanes, and most pirates and other undesirables will ignore them unless they're specifically going after your property (in which case putting them 50km away isn't far enough). I usually place them about 12-15K up or down, sometimes slightly further in sectors adjacent to pirate space, to allow for some random maneuvering by potential hostiles. That's still close enough to see what's going through the main parts of the sector (like tracking that Hyperion Vanguard that you've got an interest in acquiring), and give you current prices and stockpiled quantities (for more Profitsssss).

Advanced Nav Sats give you a camera view if you need it, and have longer sensor ranges. If I'm planning on placing factories in the sector, the camera view can be very helpful for getting the placement right. In a smaller sector where you're not expecting to build, the regular satellites are significantly cheaper, which can be important in the fairly early phases of the game when you'll most likely be placing quite a few of them, and they usually cover enough of the sector to be adequate. Eventually, cost is no object, and there's little point in placing the more limited type. You can replace them with the more expensive models later if they get blown up, or you can add one of the Advanced model in addition to the existing basic one, giving you a bit of redundancy in case one gets exploded. A few of the larger sectors (Terran space, as well as places like "The Hole") will need multiple satellites if you want to cover all of the widely spaced major routes.

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Re: Advanced Satellites 101

Post by Bill Huntington » Fri, 2. Nov 18, 07:01

It's not clear what you're trying to accomplish, devil. Do you want to know what's going on in a sector? Do you want to take the sector? Do you just want satellite coverage?

I've set traps like you talk about. This will draw the sector owners to kill the Sats, just like you say. I usually do it on the Xenon Sectors as part of my own invasion of that sector. The Xenon or a really hostile major race will just keep coming and eventually wear down the LTs and eventually kill your Sat. They all have unlimited budgets after all. I usually have 25 LTs and 3 Sats in each ambush, though 10 LTs are enough to last for a while. I eject the Sats first, followed by the LTs. I usually use an Elephant for the job.

An interesting way to get a minimum view of a gate is to deploy a cheap station something like 4 or 5 km over or under the gate. The enemy doesn't attack your station unless you're in the sector personally. But the viewing range is short, maybe 10 km. This just lets you know what close to the gate, so you can be ready for it. If you're too close to the gate, it will be repulsed a distance away.
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Re: Advanced Satellites 101

Post by DrSuperEvil » Tue, 6. Nov 18, 01:29

Hostile ships try to kill stuff within 30km of themselves so with Adv satellites having 35km range you can place them above key locations and let SEWN warn you of anything of value. OOS hostile ships tend to move in straight lines and ignore a lot of player property. This does however make them like pinholes in surveillance. For max area coverage you can assume the Adv satellites are a 40km cube of vision. As for the getting killed it is usually missiles from M7Ms and M8s which target the obscurely placed ones. With military patrols set to invade a sector they will attack anything they see and you need at least 30 laser towers to stop an M2. With how slow laser towers are to manufacture it is easier just to replace the satellite using some springblossoms and a pair of stations that made Adv satellites.

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