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x3 reunion

Posted: Mon, 22. Oct 18, 03:16
by Keith2018
So I decided to install reunion on my windows 10 pc to duplicate something I had boasted on steam. I cant remember how but I remember setting up and old vga monitor for my sector map. I remember having a bit of trouble but I got it to work. I played that way for months and have those nostalgic memories of staring at that small monitor while my traders were doing their thing. Anyway, after installing reunion, I double clicked the .exe. I was prompted to restart pc. Doing so resulted in Windows no longer able to boot up. Solution? Restore point! Unable to restore, not enough space on drive. Crap. So I had to screw around with ms dos(very rusty) to make room. Uninstalled a few steam games. So back to system restore! No restore point available! What? So now im forced to reset windows. Kept personal files but everything else? Gone :(. Im assuming when I installed reunion that their was a runtime file that messed everything up. After putting in disc one I was prompted to install some old runtime something or other. Of course I said yes which was immediately replied with a warning from windows saying cannot install runtime something something due to security issues. Must have installed anyway. Oh well. What a waste of a day. Moral of this story? Don't install X3 Reunion. Cheers

Re: x3 reunion

Posted: Mon, 22. Oct 18, 11:28
by Cycrow
if you install it from a disc, then its most likely an old version. This contains copy protection that will not be comparable with window 10, and its install when you first launch the game.

If you patch up the game first, then run it, it should work fine, as the patch will remove the old copy protection

Re: x3 reunion

Posted: Mon, 22. Oct 18, 11:40
by Alan Phipps
Yes, we also have a Sticky thread and a FAQ to assist you with this.

The real moral of the story is 'Please DO install X3: Reunion but following the available advice'.