[X3AP] Question about cargo structure of headquarters

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[X3AP] Question about cargo structure of headquarters

Post by amoe » Sun, 23. Sep 18, 18:08

Hi all

I have started using the player headquarters to build stuff from blueprints in X3AP. Now the headquarters can have arbitrary wares assigned to it using the Dock Ware Manager.

My question is, assuming that I assign two wares to it -- let's say Energy Cells and Teladianium, for example -- will it equally divide the available cargo space between the two wares on a hard-limiting basis? i.e. practically speaking, if I keep shipping Energy Cells to the HQ and don't ship any Teladianium, will it entirely fill up ALL space in the HQ, or will half of the available space remain 'reserved' for the Teladianium?

The reason why I ask is that I am setting up CLS2 freighter loops to move cargo from my various ware factories to the HQ, but as the SPP-XL creates Ecells much faster than any other factories, I am scared that I will just end up with an insane amount of ecells because the SPP-XL waypoint will be first. I get the impression that CLS1 can balance these cargos using some settings, but I had difficulty, because CLS1 can only accept wares that are present from its homebase, and you can't have the homebase as a consumer (as far as I could see). As the HQ defines all products, it would need to be both, which doesn't seem possible...

Thanks for any advice! Dave

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Post by Timsup2nothin » Sun, 23. Sep 18, 18:32

When using CLS with the PHQ I recommend being really rigorous about using "unload upto" commands. If you want to limit the PHQ to, say, 8245 e-cells, just set your CLS to 'Unload upto 8245' and it will never put you over.
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Post by vr01 » Mon, 24. Sep 18, 03:59

If you are using Dockware Manager on the PHQ then it should be prompting you for a limit. CAG and CLS1 will respect that limit and only fill the PHQ to that amount. Everything else will ignore it.

You should set limits for all of the materials required for ship building to ensure you have enough and in the right ratio's.

Of course Tim's suggestion works as well. Just depends on how you want to manage it.

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Post by DrSuperEvil » Mon, 24. Sep 18, 12:45

Just build a complex. You will find that a lot of the energy cells can be turned into other materials for ship building.

https://www.egosoft.com:8444/confluence ... adquarters

As you know how many wares per hour are consumed by the PHQ you can set the CLS to only pick up as many as it needs per trip although CLS does respect the dockware manager limits when unloading.

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