True War Veterans

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True War Veterans

Post by jlehtone » Sat, 15. Sep 18, 12:55

Entering sector .. Asteroid Belt.
Collision warning! Pull up! Pull up!

Standard Betty that. Big ships near South Gate. Evasion successful.

This time it was Odin with Aegirs. We had no quarrel (yet), so both wen't their merry ways. I did notice something peculiar in that Task Force.

They actually sailed to Heretic's End, only to return some minutes later.

Yes, the peculiar thing. They had been sailing over 12 hours. :o

In War sectors. The war advances in phases and each phase takes only 30-60 minutes. This TF had lived through many phases. Some ships spawn for a phase and die or vanish by the end of it.

Not these gents. Well, since they do travel, they probably don't have orders to seek and destroy.

Come to think of it, on my previous visit to AB (some ingame hours ago) there was a TF that did make an exit to Mars via Accelerator. I did catch some. Perhaps this Methuselah Odin and the two Aegirs companions were the ones that got away?

IMHO, 12 hours is very impressive in the hardcoded hardships of War. 8)
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Post by DrSuperEvil » Sat, 15. Sep 18, 23:21

I have noticed that occasionally war sector spawned ships do break ranks and go to another sector chasing a ship. They then skip the despawn and get removed from the array list leaving them orphaned. They then fall into the orders for all old ships for destroy with grace after 72 hours of life and usually march off to die in the nearest Xenon sector. Once had a Colossus Hauler fly though the HUB on its way to the Xenon sector south of Scale Plate Green.

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