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X3AP - gate plot help ?

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 14:35
by dadmod
I thought all was well with the gate plot until asked to get cartography chips from a paranid in Pontifex Seclusion. Upon arriving in sector, there was the usual blue open book over the Squash Mine Factory. However, when I try to talk with the paranid fellow there is no blue book by his name and and he gives only standard responses. I'm not a newbie at this game but I am really stumped on this one and am out of ideas (other than to start a new game). What am I missing or is this a random program error?
Any help appreciated...thanks :? :? :? :cry:

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 14:41
by DrSuperEvil
Tried docking at the station?

You using any mods?

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 15:10
by dadmod
Yes, I docked and there was no blue book next to the paranid's name.
No mods in the game.

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 15:53
by Alan Phipps
Were you in a UFJD sector when you had any of the mission advancements? This is why I ask.

Is this plot's mission guidance enabled and working?

In passing, other players with various similar but not identical issues in this plot have gone back a save or two and run through the remaining steps over again - and some with eventual success. It seems that there can be other unforeseen issues with this plot such as the target station coming under attack and leaving the mission-giver drifting in a space suit!

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 17:48
by dadmod
Was not in a UFJD sector when this happened and guidance is on. The cartography chip person is present but doesn't have anything to say about chips only the standard responses about shipyard, equipment dock, and surrender are available.

I went as far back in my saves as possible with no luck. However, they didn't go back that far. The last successful segment was delivery of the gate to nav beacon in Void of Opportunity where I "protected" the science ship. That protection mission was protracted as the science ship wandered. I collected about 6 pirates/astronauts and 5 pirate vessels during that marathon. The mission behaved differently than I have observed in prior games.

I will be so glad when X4 arrives...I don't care for Rebirth

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 18:52
by Alan Phipps
Just to clarify, were you in a UFJD sector when any of this plot's advancement messages arrived? That seems to be one source of issues.

Posted: Wed, 29. Aug 18, 19:26
by dadmod
In short, nope.
In long, last time in UFJD sector was to pick up the gate for Poler's repair.

Hopes for a solution seem to be dimming :cry: