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Post by tatakau » Fri, 24. Aug 18, 18:23

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Post by jlehtone » Fri, 24. Aug 18, 21:52

:? Do you mean that some would not do that? :o

I do prefer ordered grid lattices.

For example, in Barren Shores, first a 4*6 rectangle well above the eplictic. Then 3*4 below the first, essentially towing through "holes" in the 4*5.
Finally, the last Mine to continue the middle row of the 3*4.

I also prefer 6+ Mammoths. (Super Shipyards do not seem to have more than 4 piers; and the Boron only 2. :( )
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Post by Solomon Short » Sat, 25. Aug 18, 02:10

I still play X3TC mostly, so I abuse the "infinite debris mining" & "solid state mobile mined mineral transfer" network for all my mineral needs (set up mobile mining fleets in a sector I can avoid visiting, use CLS2 ships with Transporter Devices to daisy-chain all the mined minerals across the sector to a small fleet of "warehouse" vessels near the gate [I sometimes try to set up Mine complexes for warehousing instead, but I suck at flying with something on Tractor] the pull from those for production or retail needs).

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Post by DrSuperEvil » Sat, 25. Aug 18, 21:00

I mostly also cluster them in a grid and make sure an M4 cannot fit between them.

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Post by RainerPrem » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 05:25

jlehtone wrote::? Do you mean that some would not do that? :o
Raising my hand.

I have completely stopped hauling asteroids around. I build my center, and then connect all the good asteroids to it. If necessary, I close gaps with Level-1-food factories, but in most good sectors it works without.


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Post by zazie » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 12:14

I have different approaches:

1. Doing more or less the same as tatakau has demonstrated in OP. (But I would not tow a 13-Ore-astro; minimum for me is 26.) Towing is my choice if I need a compact complex in a sector I want to be able to act IS need for strategic reasons. Complex is therefore placed behind gate or far from ecliptic.

2. "Regrouping" astros in Ore or Silicon if needed in separate structures/complexes. Towing for minimizing complex-structures.

3. Sector-wide Super-Complex including ALL astros as Sillicon storage. As you know it is possible to link all astros in one entire sector to one single complex by building it in 'clusters' using "sub-complex-centers" and connecting those sub-CC at the end to the only remaining CC (eventually you need to tow the most remote astros into the range of one of the sub-CC first).
Using all Ore-astros too gives you a small additional Silicon-production if you place a Silicon-Mine in the Ore-astro. But more important: Your storage-room for Silicon becomes noticebly larger !
With such a Silicon-Monster it is possible to feed with CLS-freighters very large crystal- and energy-production on other complexes or to stock those enourmous numbers of Silicon needed in the HUB-plot - and it takes only one SPP L to keep that Silicon-production running.

4. Towing a very large astro in front of a sector-gate. If you stay in the same sector, the Xenon-M2 or M1 have difficulties to invade your sector on the other side of the gate (your own big ships better jump out of their sector than fly through the gate, though ;)

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Post by Timsup2nothin » Mon, 27. Aug 18, 18:09

My asteroid towing days are far behind me.
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Post by Sovereign01 » Tue, 28. Aug 18, 04:17

Yeah, the sub method is pretty much a must when you're putting together a super complex no matter how clever you are about dragging mines around. Especially when you have (as I did) some 73 of them (29 ore, 44 silicon)!

But then again, I was building an enormous weapons complex comprising almost 500 stations, located in Savage Spur. And that was just commonwealth guns and missiles, I had another complex comprising a mere 350 stations in Weaver's Tempest cranking out Terran guns, with some PBG and IBL fabs thrown in for good measure.

As you can imagine the Yaki are extremely happy as a result! :lol:

I actually like to use Atmospheric lifters, their greater capacity means they can carry more mines at once, resulting in fewer trips to the nearest shipyard. For the other stations, this is extremely useful.
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