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Hull Plating in AP

Posted: Thu, 2. Aug 18, 23:43
by Bill Huntington
Hull Plating in AP

I'm almost ready to do the big scenario in Lost Order with the Acynonix. I heard that Hull Plating helps with ship repair during the scenario. True or not? If true, what do we do to have it happen? It doesn't work outside this particular scenario, does it?


Posted: Thu, 2. Aug 18, 23:52
by DrSuperEvil
In the special UFJD sector picking up hull plating automatically heals the ship a little and it only works in that sector.

There is a trick you can use for that mission because when you enter Lost Order to prevent bailing it teleports the player ship and the acinonyx prototype to the UFJD sector. This means you can swap to an Aran, Kyoto or Valhalla and have that brought to the UFJD sector with you. You can then just dock the damaged M6 and let the superior firepower of those fully operational ships mince the xenon while an ample supply of missiles and ADV satellites makes the cleanup a cakewalk.

Another trick is HEPTs and missiles on the acinonyx prototype are not destroyed when jumping to the sector so you can jump to Mercenaries Rift, remove the Energy Cells, restock with missiles and then fly through the normal way.

Also use the fighter drone drops since they are listed as the cheat under the game file.

Finally do not forget the Turbo booster MK1.

Posted: Fri, 3. Aug 18, 00:06
by Fulgrymm
Having a bunch of hull plating in your cargo will automatically be used once you make the jump. Does help a bunch.

Thanks, DrSuperEvil

Posted: Sun, 5. Aug 18, 20:05
by Bill Huntington
Thanks for tip about swapping, DrSuperEvil. I took the Kyoto to the Unknown Sector. I don't use the Aci at all. I alternated flying between the Hype and the Kyoto. I picked up the Engine Tunings and the Rubber Opts with the Kyoto and increased its regular speed from 48 to 76. I had a fully loaded Viper on board but never used it. I had a big Mistral tucked away with a lot of Lasertowers, E, and other items. I dropped the LTs in packets of four and they were all active in time to deal with the heavier Xenon waves.

This was a great combat experience for AP! Not exactly an all-out Xenon sector but interesting in its own way. I stayed and finished the last wave of five Js and Ks. Then there weren't any more Xenon after that. The Detector quit working too but I could pick up any of the loose items that showed at my leisure.

I've gone back and repeated the scenario three times already. Good enough.

Posted: Mon, 6. Aug 18, 01:22
by DrSuperEvil
Remember ADV satellites reveal all the hidden loot.