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X3 TC: How to start Treasure Hunt?

Posted: Mon, 30. Jul 18, 12:56
by pagulhan
Hello. I've got 172 sectors visited, but I have yet to start Treausure Hunt plot. Is there a way to force the start? Also, yesterday I've received a strange message from Terracorp claiming our deal was no more as my rank was too low??? I didn't even start to work for those guys.

Posted: Mon, 30. Jul 18, 14:27
by Alan Phipps
1. From the plot starts FAQ:

•Treasure Hunt:
◦Argon and Boron sectors (only!)
◦92 sectors visited
◦10 minutes after patching to 2.1

Several mods are known to cause some problems with that plotline.

2. That sounds like you had in fact started the Terracorp Corporation mission chain some time ago but then forgot about it. Losing a friendly/neutral relationship with the Argon will abort it.

Posted: Thu, 9. Aug 18, 03:54
by jacex3tc
Are you aware that the start is not in a static location? That kind of threw me when I went back looking for this one.

I thought it started on the Lasertower factory in Olemancketslats but it moves around in pirate space on the edge of Argon space. In my game I saw it in Bala Gi's Joy, Olmancketslats and Brennan's Triumph.