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identify unknown ship - probably from mod XTM.

Posted: Sun, 29. Jul 18, 03:17
by bocap
today I came across an unknown big ship, so I decide to boarding it and after several times tried to board about an hour latter and finally I got the ship, however when I try get information about the ship so I can install shield and weapon, I got message say no information about this ship in database and it does not give me any list for compatible weapons or shield about the ship. anyone know how to get ship information database install in my ship so I can view my new boarding ship?. where to buy or how to get it inside the script editor? please help.

Posted: Sun, 29. Jul 18, 09:48
by UniTrader
some more info might be helpful... for Vanilla i would guess its a Khaak Ship which can only use Kyon Emitters, but should you use Mods there could be FAR more possibilities.. could be a Sohnen Ship from the XTM for example (and in that case the Discussion is better moved to the Modding Forum)

Posted: Sun, 29. Jul 18, 12:33
by Alan Phipps
Other posts indicate that the OP is indeed playing X3:R with XTM. This forum is for questions about vanilla aspects of the games and questions about modded gameplay belong in the relevant S&M threads.