Will a CAG buy a jumpdrive

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Post by jlehtone » Sun, 17. Jun 18, 15:56

:? They jump without drive? :o

Every ship has event handlers, like "taking damage", "got killed". Routines that are called on such events. For example, the standard TS "taking damage" routine does, among other things, launch Drones to protect the ship.

When Mk3 script starts on a ship, it replaces the "taking damage" routine with a version that does jump. If that routine does not check for presence of JD, and engine in itself does not require JD for a "jump", then yes, jump they do.

At least X3R Mk3 version did not restore the standard routine when the Mk3 command was stopped. You could start Mk3 on a ship to "update" the event handler, and then transfer the ship to different duty, like station trader, and retain the "jump to evade" behaviour.
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Post by zazie » Mon, 18. Jun 18, 12:12

Thanks for those precise questions. They urged me to search in the Archives. and I have to correct my post from june 14.

Quotation from my own thread, post 5 (Original in German)
"Interessanter Nebeneffekt eines Schiffswechsels: Schiffe, in denen einmal ein Sektoren- oder Universumshändler gewirkt hat, behalten den Fluchtreflex, sofern Sprungantrieb und Energiezellen an Bord sind. Das kann man sich zu nutze machen, um beispielsweise Stationsversorger oder "Verkaufe Waren zum besten Preis"-Schiffe in gefährlichen Gegenden zu schützen."
Rough translation: 'side-effect of changing pilots between ships: a ship that has been Mk3-Trader will retain his "jump to evade" behavior as long as there is a JD and E-Cells on the new ship. You can use that feature to 'protect' CAG or "Sell for best price"-freighters in dangerous sectors'.

=> my statement that MK3-traders jump without JD simply is wrong. Sorry for that 'hick-up' im my memory.
But even if the effect is much lesser important than I thought you can use this feature by preparing a freighter designated to operate in 'dangerous sectors'. Start it as Mk3-Trader and change pilot - but keep JD and EC on the ship.

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Post by Snafu_X3 » Fri, 22. Jun 18, 03:35

Unsure if this behaviour is AP-specific, but in vanilla TC CAG/CLS pilots will /not/ buy jumpdrives even if JD capability is specifically enabled (& useable by pilot rank)

UT pilots will automatically buy & use JD at (IIRC) rank 12 (at a 10% premium), but they are /not/ transferable to CAG/CLS rankings: they'll start back at rank 0 if you do (I'm not going into the tricks here)

NOTE: only UT pilots will auto-equip JD (once ranked). This can happen anywhere, even in an otherwise impenetrable system. If you de-rank them (by setting them to ST or LT duties) they will continue to lvl to their max of 20)

This may be a convenient way to gain JDs early/mid game, albeit at a price premium, but for the most part I prefer to courier JDs in as necessary
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