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X:BtF - Is there a SETA mod?

Posted: Mon, 14. May 18, 17:47
by ScifiGuy7
For some reason in X:BtF SETA automatically engages full thrust. Is there any way to switch this off so that SETA runs whilst stationary? I'd like to earn some credits whilst I'm AFK. The only other thing I can think of is maybe put a rubber band on my controller so the ship flies around in circles. Always a chance of colliding with something though.

Posted: Mon, 14. May 18, 23:38
by Nanook
X-BTF wasn't really modable, although some code jockeys did manage to modify the executable, I believe. Additionally, as I recall, the game was programmed to limit the player's credits and advancement for those who tried to mod it. So I guess the answer to your question is, unfortunately, no. :(

Posted: Tue, 15. May 18, 00:28
by Skeeter
I think those that used seta to make money we just seta and point to empty space and let it do its thing then after ur done turn 180 and head back, u wont die theres no barriers if u go to far.