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Posted: Fri, 12. Jan 18, 21:47
by Hemmingfish
pasmon wrote:What is the best loadout for a group of eclipse targeting an M8, M7 or M7C including antifighter missile protection?
PBG in all slots and PAC on the turrets

Posted: Sat, 13. Jan 18, 18:45
by fireanddream
pasmon wrote:I observed that a Panther(with IBLS, ISR and flaks) and with a squad of eclipse(4-6) can take out another lone M7(Terran or Xenon) protected by a small group of fighters more easily as compared to tiger.

In theory, a destroyer with a wing of fighters should easily dispatch another lone destroyer. Like Split M2+ or a Boreas guarded with panther or Demios.
True. But you have to spend money and go through all the chores to replace/repair your fighters, while your enemies just spawn theirs from thin air.

If you're looking forward to some carrier action I highly recommend the CODEA mod. The vanilla carrier commands are just not built for daily uses.

Posted: Fri, 2. Feb 18, 12:58
by pasmon
I am currently flying Ariadne with fighters transferred from my panther. I purchased it for mining nividium regarding HQ plot as it can carry a TS to UFJD sectors.

Well this Ariadne using its TS cargo and 24 m3 fighters can seriously cripple a capital ship fleet with tornado missiles in theory.