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Wish there was a guide that (TC)

Posted: Sat, 21. Oct 17, 16:28
by Trevelvis
I wish there was a guide that listed all weapons and what they were good for on what ships, as there are so many and would like to know what would be best t defending Sector and for attacking different types of enemies. What was good for small fighters and capital ships.

Posted: Sat, 21. Oct 17, 18:26
by jlehtone
The sticky
does list several guides. It has section "ship equipment".

Whether any of those show "Words of Wisdom" ...
The "Fleet guides" do mention some, IIRC.

There is IS and OOS combat. They are different.
There is player's personal ship and all other ships. Again, not exactly the same.

There are various play styles. I for one, don't really defend. I have traders, but I trust them to stay on the other side of the line in the sand* than the bad guys.

The "best" advice IMHO is to not desperately seek The Best and just use whatever is adequate.

*Sun Tzu reference

Posted: Sat, 21. Oct 17, 19:09
by RAVEN.myst
I found this to be an invaluable reference for specific data. It's a "low level" reference, though, as it mostly focuses on details, rather than strategies, so it's up to you to draw conclusions. I fully expect someone to come here and criticise it for being "horribly inaccurate/out of date", but I've actually found the vast majority of the info useful and relevant (there are some gaps - but not enough to compromise this source's overall value, as well as centralised convenience.)

Happy hunting! :)