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Posted: Tue, 27. Jun 17, 06:15
by OzWraith
Pro tip: If your My Documents folder (Or OS equivalent) is in your friendly cloud storage (Google/One Drive, Dropbox etc) like it hopefully should be, you can usually log into the web interface of that cloud service and restore removed/lost files.

If you don't use such a service, then the "Pro Tip" becomes: Synchronise your home folder with a cloud service. They'll handle offsite backups of your files. They all offer a free tier of a few GB, more than enough for most people's basic personal documents.

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 16:35
by CBJ
A further update has been released for both games. See the initial post in this thread. :)

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 17:44
by RAVEN.myst
Sweeeeet :)

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 18:23
by Pitagora
Are the nonsteam executables updated as well? I'm playing a AP modded game on alternate folder, I'll be glad to take advantage of the updates in my current playthrough too.

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 19:37
by CBJ
Yes, the patch for non-Steam X3TC installations and the NoSteam EXE for X3AP should both be available on the Downloads page. :)

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 22:19
by Pitagora
Thanks! Just downloaded! :)

EDIT: After the TC patch installation and overwriting x3ap.exe the AP launcher tells me I've got an incorrect version of the exe. My savegame was loaded without any errors though... Should I tweak something else?

EDIT2: Never mind, got infos from the other sticky post, copied all the new \addon files from my updated steam installation and error dialog is gone. :)

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 22:44
by X2-Illuminatus
Make sure that both games, X3TC and X3AP, are updated by Steam. Additionally, if you use the NoSteam.exe make to sure to download the updated version from here.

Posted: Thu, 7. Dec 17, 22:52
by Pitagora
Yup, atm there's no specific AP patch for nonsteam installations in download section, guessed the TC offline patch could update AP files too but it didn't.
There are some changes in \addon folder too so I've fixed it as per my EDIT2 in my previous post.

Thanks again.

Posted: Fri, 6. Apr 18, 11:17
by Hank001
Well my great new X3 AP w/Terran War Pack got delivered today.
(Note that pretty black oval that checkmark is in :D )

But before I even TRY to load it up I foresee an issue (Or is it)

The shipped version is 2.0. The No Steam executable is 3.3?

Is going to work? No my desktop is without internet connection.
Even if it wasn't Steam and I have some professional issues.
I'd chop off my arm before logging in with them.
Any way to upgrade my copy to UNSTEAM-O-FY it?

Posted: Fri, 6. Apr 18, 11:40
by X2-Illuminatus
Any disc version of the Terran War pack is bound to Steam, and thus requires Steam to be installed and updated. Once the game is installed using Steam (Steam always automatically installs the latest version), you can copy the whole X3 Terran Conflict Steam folder (including the X3AP "addon" folder) elsewhere (for example by using a USB stick from your computer with internet access to the one without) and run the game(s) by using the NoSteam.exe for X3AP or the X3TC.exe from the latest X3TC retail patch for X3TC, which you can find in our downloads section.

Posted: Fri, 6. Apr 18, 14:10
by Hank001
Wish I'd read more of the posts boss. Well my internet connection to my desktop should be up in (?) So I'll HAVE to wait tell then :roll:
(sound of knuckles cracking) :D. "Here little program..." :P


Posted: Mon, 11. Nov 19, 23:03
by WinterSnowfall
CBJ wrote:
Thu, 7. Dec 17, 16:35
A further update has been released for both games. See the initial post in this thread. :)
The funny thing is I've been playing X3AP v3.3 on Windows for a while now, but I was just now trying to move my saves over to a Linux machine, only to notice the GOG Linux installers are still on v3.1a. Any chance we'll see this latest version for Linux on GOG?