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Traveller achievement (X3AP) problems

Posted: Wed, 9. Oct 13, 17:26
by Earth Ultimatum IV.
So I finally completed all the plots and wanted to end with this game, all I wanted to get is the Traveller achievement (explore all sectors), however I visited every sector, my pilot stats say that I visited 238 sectors, which should be the needed number, according to forum. Can somebody help?

Here you can see that I visited 238 sectors, which is the needed number for this achievement, according to the forum search.

But I still don´t have that achievement.

My game is not modified.

And my internet was alright while I got the last sector...
World of Tanks has been played on the second computer in next room, no internet problems.

Please help

Posted: Wed, 9. Oct 13, 17:42
by dno101
I remember reading somewhere that if you purchased sector information from one of the stations (lightbulb/dollar sign quests), then that negates the acheivement. Might be that.......

Posted: Wed, 9. Oct 13, 18:04
by Cycrow
yeah you have to physically go to each sector with your ship.

so if you bought the info for certain sectors, then they will be known, but wont be counted as visited

Posted: Wed, 9. Oct 13, 18:16
by Earth Ultimatum IV.
Yes, I also heard that.

And that is why I printed that space map (from Roguey).
I marked every sector that I knew for 100% that I visited it... And then I visited all sectors that were not marked on my paper map.

The last unvisited sector was Ringo Moon.
Before I entered it, my stats said "237 sectors visited" and after entering it, it was "238 sectors", which is the exact number of sectors, according to forum search.

However I still don´t have the achievement.

Posted: Wed, 9. Oct 13, 19:42
by Sabrina Bergin
There is an additional sector to rogueys map and that is the one you get after completing the shady business plot its north and east of ptni.

Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 02:08
by Erqco
Is there any way to know if you are visited a sector or not?

Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 04:45
by Sabrina Bergin
No, do what I did and do a grid pattern visiting all sectors in a fast ship, its tedious which is why I never buy sector maps in game.

Its also possible to do it in a springy with a jump drive, just list every sector and jump to each one takes about an hour or so and avoids time spent traversing sectors.

Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 15:23
by Earth Ultimatum IV.
I have already visited that "special" plot sector. I completed all plots.

Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 16:18
by Ketraar
In AP 3.0 there are a total of 240 sectors, one being the UFJD sector that does not get counted, so the final number of sectors is 239. Not 100% sure how the unlocker works tbh but assuming it looks up the galaxy map you are missing one sector.



Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 16:31
by Earth Ultimatum IV.
Aha, thanks.
But I already printed a map, marked all sectors where I certainly was, and then I visited all sectors that were not marked. I visited the "new player sector", that new UFJD xenon sector and also the Xenon Hub. Iam totally clueless which sector it might be! Now, not even a map will help me, cause I already did that!

Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 17:14
by Ketraar
Earth ultimatum IV. wrote:that new UFJD xenon sector
That is the same as the normal UFJD sector, we just cheated a bit during the plot so you will land on it.

Do a reverse list of unlikely sectors to visit and work them one by one, this way chances are its not the last one. But other than that I'm afraid little else can be done at this point.



Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 19:39
by Sabrina Bergin
You say you have printed a map then count the sectors listed and if the total; is not 239 then there is definately a sector you haven't found.
If the total on the map is 239 then it is one you might have purchased a sector map for or scanned using a scout ship.

Posted: Thu, 10. Oct 13, 23:33
by MrPopo
You could try brute forcing it with a ship loaded with 239 satellites and run the "Deploy satellite network" command on your ship. It'll be a long ride but hopefully it'll ensure you hit every sector.

Posted: Fri, 11. Oct 13, 04:16
by TTD
The Xenon sector in the far NE was the one I forgot about.
Another time I forgot the UK sector NW of Getsu have to go through a Xenon sector to get there.

Other than that, i can only suggest what others have said.

Posted: Sat, 12. Oct 13, 12:36
by celem
You can sometimes spot the culprit. You definately missed one since you are saying you have 238, but having finished plots you've been to the player system which makes 239 and isnt actually needed for the achievement.

Assuming you've combed the map and have them all uncovered then you in same position i had. Now I didnt buy maps specifically to avoid this so knew it must have been an autopiloting remote ship, well they dont map for you.

If you ever sent a remote ship through a load of sectors you didnt have uncovered then you might know you end up with a sector map containing only 1 gate for each system in the line, this is the telltale for your missing system. It was the only one i had where the local map consisted only of 1 gate yet the system was not dead-end. FYI it was Ianamus Zura and was caused by a capped m5 autopiloting the south road rather than the explored north during the early-game