X3TC: Hostile ship for no reason

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Post by AgamemnonArgon » Thu, 8. Aug 13, 19:29

What about leading the now red ship into a kh'aak or xenon sector for their capital ships to demolish
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Post by Nanook » Thu, 8. Aug 13, 23:01

I don't think they'll leave the sector to attack you if you leave.
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Post by Rao » Fri, 9. Aug 13, 20:55

I doubt he chase even me when i am in same sector. Ore Belt is relatively full of objects, and his fleet (including 3 M7´s) isnt helping either.
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Re: X3TC: Hostile ship for no reason

Post by X3DW » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 03:38

Another necro. Well, I ran into this tonight and have apparently fixed it, so I'm sharing.

The suspected incidents (based on info in this thread):
-I have recently defended a base which resulted in a new ship (capture)
-I have recently fought alongside Argon police to remove a pirate from the sector in which this problem occurred
-I capture ships frequently
Edit, forgot one: I've recently bought PBGs from a pirate station

I came to this thread when, for no reason I could figure out, in marched a Cerberus to hand me my rear (if he could catch me, that is, which he couldn't, as I was in my advanced discoverer for the duration).

What I've done to fix it (hopefully):
I docked the pirate eclipse I just took from the fight alongside the cops;
I apologized. No dice; after a few seconds, he went hostile again.
I apologized to every escort (if any) he had with him (this was touchy; one time it didn't work on his 3 gladiators, one guy was stuck red even though he was no longer hostile).
I cleared the sector (HOL) of any NON-docked property. Fortunately, this only meant picking up a satellite*. Everything else was docked.
I left the sector (to PE) and waited a minute (6 seconds SETA time!)
I re-entered the sector. If necessary, re-apologize. (one test run I had to, another I didn't -- but both worked)

*I took the satellite because it appeared to be pissing him off; he went out of his way to attack it, so I suspected it might have been keeping him hostile.

They are now no longer hostile. Fingers crossed it stays that way; I'm just starting to get somewhere with this save.

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Re: X3TC: Hostile ship for no reason

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 14:19

Good to hear, but I'll lock this 5+ year old thread.
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