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Post by Aro » Fri, 13. Aug 04, 06:38

Little note, ship stats havn't been all updated.

And for those really in to selling, trading stations allow Nividium to be sold for 20k each.
Plus they can be used as a build anywhere to supply station. Price is an issue.

Some info about them:

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Trading Station Info
Listing of station costs and their volume for transport.

Race     Volume  Price
Argon    15000   29,929,912
Boron    14000   30,514,228
Paranid  12000   29,800,064
Split    10000   29,215,752
Teladi   12000   28,241,892
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Post by CBJ » Fri, 27. Aug 04, 16:24

Aro wrote:Little note, ship stats havn't been all updated.
Still. ;)

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Update Needed

Post by Whismerhill » Thu, 21. Oct 04, 06:53

well I'm stupid
I followed your instructions without checking if the boron dolphin can equip the mobile drill laser....

I use no mods & the dolphin can't equip it

so either my install has a problem or your guide needs an update

I'll go back to standard trade now :(

edit : either I have posted to the wrong thread or it was updated
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Post by Hachiman » Thu, 21. Oct 04, 08:23

As a major mobile player it's nice to see the 'definitive'guide again....It was an enormous help starting up my own Orca operation all those months ago;thanks TD :thumb_up: ......Its mobile mining I turn to after the constant carnage up in the NE sectors.....very theraputic watching all those little Demeters 'collecting wares' from a nicely framed external veiw.....

Nividium,the third alternative sell??....cleverly inserted 20 units into one of my passing U traders so he could sell it for best price....still there after a few hours game play; back to the drawing board looks like.
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Post by toddster » Thu, 18. Aug 05, 02:33

well done on a top guide

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Post by Lord_Darkstar » Thu, 18. Aug 05, 21:28

AFAIK, UTs won't sell goods/wares you transfer into their hold. So it just takes up cargo space on the UT.

Now, if any station buys Nividium as a secondary resource (I don't recall any, but I have not got into mobile mining Nividium), then you could put it on a Trade Station you've built, and it will get picked up (provided you are 9 sectors distance from your buyer). I do know that you could always cap a passing Pirate ship, and get 50% price for your nividium by putting that into the PS's cargo hold and selling the ship. ;)

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Post by Shivan[SpS] » Thu, 25. Aug 05, 18:26

There is a bug in the guide.

The Paranid Demeter go to 175m/s and is the only TS capable of carring the Mining laser on the front. In my opinion is the best ship to blow asteroids.

-NOT all Paranid Space Jewelly buy nividium....

ADD: Whatch is you put 1MW shields on your ships... The are unknows sectors which mine fields invisible to sensors. The 1st Unknow sector to the east of wasteland is an exsample.

Now What I do?

I buy a Mammoth, the big cargo space is great, just the nesesary hagar, and bonus, you can use it too for building, so this TL can serve as a Multi Task.

-1 Argon Mercury, Energy Resuply
-2 Paranid Demeter, 1 for the Player Astoroid Miner, the Other for a fast ship to sell the ORE to the station when you are traveling trogh sectors to sell.
-1 Split Caiman to sell Silicon on sectors.
-7 Boron Dolphin, to recollect wares.
-1 free hangar space for the player can go and come to the TL in your ship.

I tested this is so great, faster mining and recollect. The Fast TS also ensure you a faster go and back to the factory to sell.

About the special TS as Sellers...
Well, The Paranid Demeter is fast and just what is needed to sel ORE, a station which 0 ore can byu 8XX ores at time. a fully upgraded Demeter can carry abouy 830 Ores at time... just what is needed to sell all posible whiout drop price.

The Split Caiman can carry 300 Silicon Wafers at time, an station empy can only buy 208, so is perfect, also you can use the free space tio carry nvidium.

Mercury as a buyer because, is rasonable fast and fully upgrated cargo bay, can carry about 1700 e-cells to the TL.

The Mercury and the free 2 Seller ships can act as a emergency ware recollector is you TL and all TS is runding out is freigh space. (this is going to happen).

This will cost you a lot.... but I ensure you, on the four rund, you will start to gain profit.

This is for me the best conbination of ships for everything. I have the Mercury, bbecause I like to have all race TS :P excepting the Vulture, is too dawm slow for that max cargo bay. A Dolphin is a lot better and have more cargo xD. Well you can change the Mercury for a Caiman if you like.
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Post by Shivan[SpS] » Sat, 27. Aug 05, 06:26

I found something, all asteroids in Barren are of Silicon :P easy way to get 5000 silicons :P
Shivan Guide for Mass Cap in a M6 Nemesis. ... 04#1092404

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Post by Gotmog_67 » Tue, 16. Dec 14, 19:09

Hi All,

I'm new player in X universe. I instal this screept oin X2 but it dosn't work.
I have the game in french. I modified the "t" name doc to 33xxxx and the id langage in this.

I have a Teladi Vulture with the scaner, the laser minning, the special software (and all other merch, figth and command).

I have install the script advanced navigation of XAI corporation ans all the bonus in one pack.

But when i go in the special command I have not command for auto drill.

Ca,n you help me?

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Post by Nanook » Tue, 16. Dec 14, 22:45

Besides being an ancient, ten-year-old thread, which is now going to get locked, your questions are more appropriate for the scripting and modding forum for X2. We don't discuss third-party scripts and mods in the main forum.
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