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Posted: Thu, 5. Jul 12, 17:05
by Wivadee777
Hi all X fans im new to this posting lark so bare with me please! but i was js wondering when X-online is due to be up and running cant wait to get stuck in ive played all of em great games great story and seen some great mods as well. any tips on posting would be appreciated. thanks in advance Wivadee

Posted: Thu, 5. Jul 12, 17:07
by EmperorJon
Er... I think the last mention of X Online was about 10 years ago... It's... well, it at least won't exist for the forseeable future.

Tips for posting? Don't mention multiplayer. ;)

Posted: Thu, 5. Jul 12, 17:11
by Wivadee777
ahh ok then thought it would be on the cards seeing as star trek online is available and really playable it doesnt seem a far step to do it they are missing out on loads of £$£$£$ they got an entire universe to extort money out of the masses and they aint doin it strange but thanks for the quick reply

Posted: Fri, 6. Jul 12, 09:35
by Jaycen_Aelis
The reason so many players are against an "X-Online", if you will, is no further than the webpage for EVE online. It's a terrible business model, unfriendly forums, not newbie-friendly in the slightest, and you have to grind incessantly just to get up to snuff with the players who can spend 12+ hours a day on it. As it is, I can play X for a few hours here and there when I can, record my Xploits within the universe, and sit at the virtual "bar" here and trade stories with other pilots, imagining that they're all part of the same universe. I like using my imagination to concoct worlds rather than have them foisted upon me. Also, X is quite the cash cow for Egosoft as it is...

Posted: Fri, 6. Jul 12, 09:47
by Gazz
Here you can find the release date for X-Online.
(such as there is)

Posted: Fri, 6. Jul 12, 10:29
by Alan Phipps
Which is probably a good place to leave this topic.

@ OP: feel free to ask other questions in a new thread.