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Posted: Wed, 29. May 13, 15:14
by ballti
help. Right now i got gift x3 AP from steam (9.99€), i see item in inventory, when i try to add x3 ap to library sey: This item requires you own the base game "X3: Terran Conflict" before it can be added to your library.

How to instal that game whitout x3 tc?

Posted: Wed, 29. May 13, 15:35
by X2-Illuminatus
You can't. As the message said and as I told you in my previous post, X3AP is just an addon and needs the basic game (which is X3TC) to be installed.

Posted: Wed, 29. May 13, 15:46
by ballti
Jup, my english is crap, i got some answer from chat: " You can just buy X3AP on Steam by itself. The X3 Terran War pack includes both TC and AP. "
But NP, tomorow i will get x3 tc :). ty

Posted: Wed, 29. May 13, 16:18
by CBJ
The answer you got in the chat was wrong, sorry. You can buy X3AP separately, i.e. without buying X3TC again, provided you already have X3TC registered on Steam, either having bought it there or having registered a DVD version.