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X3TC Menu navigation sound

Posted: Mon, 25. Apr 11, 16:56
by edcore
Is there any way to disable the menu sound when playing the game (the sound effect when you navigate the menu in the game)? After countless of hours in the game, i've come to find it unbereable now - it's really annoying and REALLY hurts my ears; I have to mute the game when navigating the menu. I pretty much love every other of the sounds in the game, specially the soundtrack, but I cannot handle the menu sound. Is there a way to disable it? (maybe finding and editing a particular file from the .cat bank, perhaps)?

Posted: Mon, 25. Apr 11, 17:26
by vlasticz
what about muting sound effects ?

Posted: Mon, 25. Apr 11, 17:34
by edcore
If I mute sound effects I guess it is going to mute basically everything else in the game, such as guns sounds, missiles, engine, collisions, etc.

I just want to mute the menu navigation sound effect, nothing else.

Posted: Mon, 25. Apr 11, 19:58
by vlasticz
I think so ...

try to ask in S&M forum

Posted: Tue, 26. Apr 11, 15:18
by kakatak
If your menu sound is loud enough to hurt your ears, then something must be up with a driver or other setting somewhere. The menu sound is very quite on my game.

heh If you think that is loud, just wait until you hear some flak guns.

If you can't find anything driver related, you will have to extract the cat file and find the sound file<s> used in the menu and then replace it in the directory structure with a new file. Possibly a 0 byte file if that works for it.

Posted: Tue, 26. Apr 11, 15:55
by edcore
Already solved (with some feedback from the SM section)!

The file is No. 957, located in the cat01, s folder. Just deleted it and replaced it with a blank sound file of same duration, and it worked out just fine. The menu navigation sound effect is now gone!

It was just annoying, really... no driver or loudness related. Just a subjective matter (prefer no sound effect when navigating the menu). And, yes, I've heard the flak guns (and know how loud THAT can get)!

Anyway, thanks all!

Posted: Tue, 26. Apr 11, 16:10
by kakatak
ok after much digging through sound files:

If you want to remove the noise the menu makes as you move the mouse or arrows up and down to highlight things:
1) Create a directory under the X3 Terran Conflict directory named "s"
2) Right click in there and make a new text file.
3) Rename the text file to 957.wav

953.wav and 954.wav are the menu open and menu close sounds.

955.wav is the noise when you actually click on something.

So for me on Win7 x64 I would create these empty text files:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EGOSOFT\X3 Terran Conflict\s\953.wav
C:\Program Files (x86)\EGOSOFT\X3 Terran Conflict\s\954.wav
C:\Program Files (x86)\EGOSOFT\X3 Terran Conflict\s\955.wav
C:\Program Files (x86)\EGOSOFT\X3 Terran Conflict\s\957.wav

957.wav is probably the only one you want though as it is the most annoying.

Edit: grr.. beat me to it I guess while I was digging for it lol. I'll leave this up here in case anyone else needs it.

Posted: Sun, 30. Sep 12, 19:35
by korrmuraan
kakatak thank you so much! Nice and easy too.

I've got sound effects jacked up and music/voice turned way down to like 30% so I can enjoy the rumblings of the engine. This also made menu noises very piercing and my wife was about ready to ban X3 time! lol

Sooooo much better now. I left all the confirmation sounds on and just silenced the mouse-over.

Re: X3TC Menu navigation sound

Posted: Mon, 12. Oct 20, 20:37
by Harmen89
I know its propably pointless to reply to a 8 year old thread but he heres hoping.

Does anyone know how to find the file to delte to get rid of the sound OP was talking about on the steam version? i cant seem to find it. Thanks in advance

Re: X3TC Menu navigation sound

Posted: Mon, 12. Oct 20, 20:49
by Alan Phipps
@ Harmen89: Poster edcore told you 3 posts above yours. You need to unpack cat01 and look in its 's' folder, replace with a blank sound file of the same duration and then repack the cat file. If you don't really know how to do that, and you don't want to risk a modified or even corrupted game, then you are probably best leaving things alone.