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Posted: Thu, 21. Apr 11, 15:24
by nponoBegHuk
Got a Marlin Hauler to spawn in my 1.2.1 game, but after 20 reloads didn't manage to get him to bail. He got 22 morale and my combat rank is fighter chief

EDIT: after reading somewhere that it's important that my ship hull+shield+laser energy must be higher than the ship I try to capture, I used SETA repair trick on my 57% Skate Prototype, as a last option before giving up and it actually bailed on that one!

bailed at 80% even kept the Ion Disruptor he had:


Posted: Fri, 29. Apr 11, 22:17
by nponoBegHuk
Apparently, Boron Enhanced Dolphin is only obtainable in patch 1.3 or later. I started Hub quest in version 1.2.1, picked up Mahi Ma but no option to claim the Dolphin appreared. I patched my game to 1.3 and was able to claim Dolphin after reloading to some point prior to picking Mahi Ma.

The ship used to be invincible in early patches but when patched to 2.0 and beyond it will become vulnerable and, thus, reverse engineerable.

The info on the part of the plot where you get the ship here

Posted: Mon, 2. May 11, 22:10
by nponoBegHuk
the Kha'ak Corvette has a description of not obtainable anymore (used to be capturable in previous versions) mostly because of these two posts I read while first searching info for this thread: ... 31#2635731 ... 05#2590705

(something about a script error which allowed m6+ ships to bail in certain missions but was patched early on)

However, now I'm trying to collect the ships removed in early patches, and upon looking up the forum I found other posts stating that they were never obtainable.

Searching forum for 2+ year old posts is kinda difficult, so if any player who did research on this matter wants to help to define it as "not obtainable in any version vanilla, period" or otherwise "was obtainable in x.xx during yyy mission if zzz happened", please reply.

Posted: Wed, 4. May 11, 18:27
by Lelouch
I have no clue how to obtain Corvettes.

Posted: Wed, 4. May 11, 19:24
by Dycor
Another rare ship is the "Pirate High-Tech Trader", only seen one by chance as it cruised thru my Hub a week ago. Tried to cap it but it didn't give-in. I have pics but can't get to my game pc for the next few weeks (to much travelling lately). As soon as I can I will upload the pics.

Edit: It could be a M4 or M3.

Posted: Tue, 10. May 11, 15:20
by nponoBegHuk
Goner Truelight Seeker: This ship can be obtained during Goner plot. If you follow the questline you have to cap it (or claim it); as soon as you do so, the Goners regain its control. At this point you can either finish the whole plot to get it as a reward, or go hostile and board it again (this time stealing it from goners instead of pirates) - In recent patches the result is the same (You won't have a second Truelight Seeker as a reward if you already stole it), however if you double-captured it in early patches the Truelight Seeker remained invincible, even when upgraded to 3.1. Invincible ships can't be Reverse Engineered so if you are starting in early patch to get all ships and want to get all blueprints also, don't double-board it.

Invincible Pirate Blastclaw: It could be claimed in early patches during the same Goner plot, in very last stages of the plot you have to follow a Blastclaw, which reveals a pirate base in Gaian Star, which you have to blow up later on.
If you manage to finish the plot (blowing the station up) before the Blastclaw docks, it remains ownerless and thus can be claimed. Here's how it's done:
You need a fast ship for this part of mission, if your relations with pirates aren't too good, it has to be a strong one too. 250m/s overtuned Hyperion Vanguard did the trick for me. Also you need to get the 35 Space Weed and 60 SQUASH mines in your cargo bay beforehand. Jani Hall escapes from the Pirate Station once the Blastclaw is within 5km from it. At this point what you have to do is speed up and engage the Blastclaw. After few shots he will turn red, effectively forgetting about his docking orders, and start chasing you instead. As soon as it happens, go pick Jani up, and start flying away. The Blastclaw will follow you; keep fleeing until you've dragged him far enough, so you have time to complete all the remaining steps of the plot before he manages to return to the base (60 km was enough for me). Just jump to Elysium of Light, get close to the Ozias and, after the plot advances, return to Gaian Star and keep following the steps in the plot. After Pirate Base was blown, the option to claim the Blastclaw appears. It was still red in my game and kept shooting my Hyperion Vanguard but I managed to sneak from behind and claim it (at which point it stopped shooting). The "claim" option won't appear in patch 3.1 EDIT: not true, it's still claimable, just need to wait couple of seconds after destroying the base. It won't be invincible anymore, though.

Argon Griffon: You will still get rewarded one of these even if you complete the Operation: Final Fury in early game version and then patch your game to 3.0 or 3.1. Tested this behavior for games started in 1.3 and 2.5. For a walkthrough on the Operation: Final Fury look here

Posted: Mon, 16. May 11, 03:39
by nponoBegHuk
After pouring another 15 hours or so into development of the spreadsheet, now I proudly announce that version 2.11e is out! You can grab it here: Image

Now it features much cleaner interface, couple of sorting options and display filters and even ability to color ship names according to their rarity. And if that weren't enough I included a little extra feature - you can create race-colored BBCode for any ship within few clicks, just like those you've seen here all over the place - might be useful if you like posting colorful stuff on forums :roll:

Here's an example screenie of filtering in action (the common and unobtainable ships are filtered off, as well as the ships I already own, the rest sorted by rarity)

If you're trying to collect all the ships and still haven't tried my spreadsheet, there's absolutely no reason to wait anymore! Except maybe you don't have Excel 2007 or don't trust my macros (you can check the source code before running it anyway).

There's another UI update planned to be implemented later this week, the bad thing is my 1.3 version of X3TC doesn't run in background, now I shall get my well-deserved couple of hours of play!

Posted: Mon, 16. May 11, 20:05
by nponoBegHuk
Another update pushed, 2.11f:
  • Typo in import script fixed, tested to work with 2.08 saves.
  • Added an option to hide sheets with all the ships filtered off
  • Sheet tabs now display a number of ships you have displayed on each page according to your filter settings, and can be colored to create a kind of gradient depending on completion status (the gradient palette feels wrong, recommended setting is "Off")
  • Rewrote couple of basic functions - please report bugs if you find any.

Anyway, you can grab it here:

version 2.11f Image

Posted: Mon, 16. May 11, 20:35
by TTD
Nice one.
Looking good.
Simple but informative.

Thanks again for you hard work and dedication. :)

Posted: Mon, 16. May 11, 22:26
by nponoBegHuk
Forgot to clean temporary data on the latest release, fixed another bug in the import macro. reuploaded here:

version 2.11f Image

Posted: Fri, 3. Jun 11, 10:55
by Lelouch
Yesterday I had a somewhat intense stalking session with the Yaki and the Pirates and I now own all ships that can be acquired through bailing only. (Additionally I also own all board-only ships. =) )

Notes on Pirate Harrier Hauler / Raider & Pirate Buzzard Vanguard.

I found them in Vestibule of Creation and/or Veil of Delusion. I did not succeed in making them bail. The closest I got was a com message from the raider. However since I played without sound I didn't hear what he was talking about.

Pirate Buzzard Vanguard was found in Duke's Haven but also not willing to leave his ship to the Good Cause(TM).

- Pirate Harrier Hauler / Raider
- Pirate Buzzard Vanguard
- Yaki Fujin Raider / Sentinel
- Yaki Raijin Raider / Sentinel
- Yaki Susanowa Hauler / Raider

They seem to spawn quite often in Station Defend / Sector Patrol missions. (I checked one of them out of interest and it had a morale setting of 16.)

Player ship: I flew a ship with a 200MJ shield, 2 IBEs and 4 PBEs. Apart from the Susanowa I was able to make all of them bail "at first attempt" (blast them down to ~80% hull and reload if not jumped). My ship can't carry MDs, so I did not use them to "pre-damage" the hull.

The Susanowa Raider was very stubborn and I reduced it to 2% hull, let the shield recharge and attacked it again. (Pilot jumped, 63 points of hull remained.)

P.S.: I can confirm that Blueprints for Pirate Buzzard Vanguard are being offered.

Posted: Fri, 3. Jun 11, 16:02
by nponoBegHuk
Lelouch wrote:Yesterday I had a somewhat intense stalking session with the Yaki and the Pirates and I now own all ships that can be acquired through bailing only. (Additionally I also own all board-only ships. =) )
Thanks for the feedback and impressive work on capping everything :) I'm stuck with reputation missions right now (Already have OTAS, Terracorp, Jonferco and Plutarch at 100% rank 10, working on Dukes and PTNI atm)

Also working on update for my spreadsheet which will include a bail calculator, something like:


Which is also integrated into a modified ScorpBY's find ships script for easy target spotting

Which will be made public along with the guide to bailing smaller ships which I'm planning to post later, to help the newcoming collectors.

Last but not least, I'm working on a script to extract the whole ship and blueprints collection directly from the game, this will take some time though.

Posted: Wed, 8. Jun 11, 21:52
by nponoBegHuk
During PHQ plot you have a chance to capture a handful of rare ships including the exclusive Susanowa Prototype (the other possibilites are Enhanced Mercury, Enhanced Elite and Advanced Mamba)

On the last step of chapter one, according to Walkthrough, you are instructed to join a strike force in Cloudbase South West. Don't rush to speak with the Cerberus, though, first we need to set up our "hunting grounds". We can snatch all 4 of the exclusive ships by following the steps as described below:
  • Get a bunch of satellites of any kind - I suggest no less than 6.
  • Jump into Savage Spur and drop satellites there the following way: one right in the center of the sector, several more (I needed 2 basic sats) to provide full coverage of both gates and path between them.
  • Repeat same action in Ocracoke's Storm. Again, I needed 3 sats for this sector.
    why we need satellites? (click)
    The biggest threat to obtaining some/all of these ships are actually Paranid forces, constantly doing incursions to Yaki space. Our ships are hostile to Paranid and will engage them immediately, only to get destroyed by a strong fleet which often includes M6/M7. That's why we need to time our attempt when there are no Paranid in sight.
  • Being enemies with Yaki might be an issue. In this case, drop a bunch of them around and hope they don't get all destroyed in short time.
  • Optionally you can also put a satellite in Empire's Edge covering the West Gate, but it might be overkill.
  • Use the satellites to monitor Paranid activity - if there are Paranid ships on an incursion, wait until they all finished suiciding to Yaki fleet.
  • When the coast is clear, jump into Cloudbase South West and save when in comm range of the Cerberus
  • As soon as you comm the mission NPC, 1 to 3 ships will spawn in the center of both sectors we covered with satellites.
  • My recommendation here is keep reloading until all 4 different ships spawn. It won't take long, since you get up to 6 ships to spawn at random. If you don't have that kind of patience, get at least Susanowa Prototype, because it's the only chance to get this ship. The others can be obtained through corp rewards aswell.
  • Regarding capturing itself, please refer to the guide I posted (if you're not afraid of spoilers).
  • If you have several ships to capture in the same sector, the best is to avoid doing capturing them in a row. Instead of capturing all the ships in one sector and then changing, I recommend capturing one ship per sector, then going to the other, and so on. If you read the guide, you'll understand why.
Collector-wise, the priorities should are as follows:
  1. Susanowa Prototype As per explained above.
  2. Enhanced Mercury, Enhanced Elite - if you capture both Argon ships, you can skip Johnferco corporation completely (get Heavy Centaur Prototype through boarding or Plutarch rep).
  3. Advanced Mamba, on the other hand, won't save you from grinding Strong arms, since you need rank 10 for Enhanced Chimera anyway.

Posted: Wed, 8. Jun 11, 22:33
by Lelouch
Some other ship list compilation said that a Demeter variant is able to spawn. However I never saw one of them. I'm quite sure this info is wrong.

Btw.: It is adviseable to check Savage Spur and Senator's Badlands too.

Posted: Thu, 9. Jun 11, 01:48
by nponoBegHuk
New version of spreadsheet released
The changes include:
  • Your collection can now be imported directly from the game via script (provided below)
  • Merged all the sheets into a single sheet which can be filtered to display only the ships you need via built-in dropdown menus
  • Merged pirate and regular blueprints into single category (to avoid having to add third one for yaki blueprints)
  • Changed the way the different possible sources are displayed in the list to something more intuitive
  • Removed all the macros, added support for Open Office (old macro-heavy version will be provided too if you prefer it)
  • Added "Bail calcultator" sheet to help you find your odds of getting a pilot to bail.
I included a sample collection to provide an example of the import functionality. Clear the column A on the page Import to clear it.

Example screenshot: my collection, filtered to only display ships not available in shops, for which I miss blueprints for

How to import your collection:
  • It's recommended to backup your saves folder!
  • If you're playing vanilla and wish to stay like that, you should read this first - ... 89#3343089
  • download and install this script (extract to "Scripts" folder) ... ntInfo.rar (based on the Listing blueprints script by Khaakbuster)
  • Load your latest save, once inside, open your script editor
  • run the script named "aaaBlueprintInfo" (highlight it and press r, then keep pressing enter until you get to the script selection window again)
  • If done properly, a file named log12345.txt will be created in your documents/Egosoft/X3TC folder
  • You can now exit the game, and delete script file/restore your folder backups if you wish to keep your game unmodified
  • Clear the contents of the column A on the Import sheet (provided to give a funcionality overview) and paste there contents of the logfile
  • If you use Open Office, you need to enable "Search criteria = and <> must apply to whole cells" in Tools -> Options -> Calc -> Calculate.

Lite version 2.23c

MS Excel 97-2003 ->
MS Excel 2007 -> ... 2.23c.xlsx
Open Office ->

Classic version 2.23c

MS Excel 2007 -> ... 2.23c.xlsm

Export script ->