TNBT will soon be officially unveiled!!

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Post by eldyranx3 » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 05:00

Status: Cautiously Optimistic!

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Post by shireknight » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 05:15

Awesome, looks like I picked the right day to check up on the forum :D
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Post by Reliku » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 05:20

That's great news, so now unofficially, what is it :?

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Post by Deeparth » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 06:50

Zloth wrote:Simultaneously? I should point out that simultanaity is, in fact, relative to your velocity. It may be possible for you to go at a speed fast enough and in the right direction so that a post made here will be done at the same time as the show's announcement but, in our own frame of reference, it will actually show up a month ahead of time. I wonder if the marketing contract took that into account? ;)

Star Trek might be kinda meh. Starfleet Battles / Federation & Empire, however, would be awesome. Tractor beams, plasma torps, Klingons flying in Klingon ships instead of Romulan ships, scatter pack shuttles, transporter bombs, hellbores, ESG fields, B-10s.... <drool>
Stop showing off your knowledge of the theory of relativity :p

It better NOT be Star Trek game. It should be something like the X series, only with a better engine.

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Post by X2-Eliah » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 07:03

I wouldn't mind a star trek game if it was good.. The IP might make the game more appealing to larger playerbase, which means more profits for Egosoft.

That said, I don't think it's a star trek game, it'll be either an evolution on X lore, or a new ip.

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Post by _Zap_ » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 07:52

X2-Eliah wrote:more profits for Egosoft.
They sure had to much contact with the profit lizards :-P

Now, after so many bad Star Trek games I hope Egosoft does something good for us Trekkies.
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Post by Henkie » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 08:07

I say april fool :lol:

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Post by Toastie » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 08:19

Henkie wrote:I say april fool :lol:
Are you suggesting the relativistic effects mentioned earlier are in play here? If you are, then some calculations are wrong somewhere. :)

In all seriousness I did promise some time ago that you all would be the first to know when there is some news on TNBT. So here it is.

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Post by Forcy » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 09:16

And I'm sure we are all very grateful for that.. RIGHT GUYS?! Anyway, from me Thanks :) Can't wait and will be rabidly frothing at the mouth from now till 28 April.

on a side note, if it IS trek related I am sure it will rock ALL our socks off since, after all, it IS Egosoft. If theres is one company that I'll trust on making a kick ass space game in the trek uni then it'll be them.

I'll of course be happy with whatever :D

EDIT: if it's the stargate game I will properly crpa myself

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Post by Zeron-mk7 » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 09:26

Great news :D , need only little bit to wait and we will know information about new game.

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Post by BigBANGtheory » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 10:12

Thanks guys, great news and good luck with the event. :)

Hopefully you can share some of the information post April 28th for those not present (like 99.9% of your fans).

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Post by Ahem » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 10:48

Can it be announced AND released on the 28th? I dont want to have t wait again :?

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Post by _Belgarion_ » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 11:14

If it is Star Trek related, woulndn't there be any anouncement or article that Egosoft bought a Star Trek licence long ago?
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Post by Paranoid66 » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 11:15

I cannot imagine 'ES' producing a game based around another persons franchise to me that would be a step backwards when it comes to creativity.

I am glad it is not the 1st April too. :D
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Post by Canefox » Tue, 29. Mar 11, 11:40

Ooooh, the suspense! The month just got a whole lot longer it seems


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