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X3TC Walkthrough Video Tutorial Series

Posted: Sun, 6. Mar 11, 23:19
by daviddowner
This will be a video tutorial series that should be a complete walkthrough for new players of X3TC. The plan is to take a player from starting a new game to developing an economy that produces a good income (through trading, stations, and local/universal traders) and being able to defend those assets through combat skills / obtaining and equipping combat ships. Let me know if I present something that is incorrect or if there is a much better way of doing things. I hope this will help new players to X3TC. Enjoy.

Walkthrough Video Tutorial Series:

Part 1 (Intro, navigation, maps, flying, interface):

Part 2 (Changing ships, repairing, camera controls):

Part 3 (Trading, Basic Products, Price Ranges, Stock/Inventory):

Part 4 (Ship Upgrades, Trading Continuation):

Part 5 (Second Ship, Remote Trading):

Part 6 (Intro to Missions):

Part 7 (Weapons Configuration, Jumpdrive, Taxi Mission intro):

Part 8 (Combat Mission, Targeting, Weapon Usage):

Part 9 (New Mission - "Return Ship"):

Part 10 (Starting Local and Universal Traders):

Part 11 (Building a Player Owned Station Complex):

Part 11a (Making Picture Perfect Complexes):

Part 12 (Ship capping 101):

Part 13 (Explorer software):

Part 13a (More on Explorer - Satellite network, Scan astroids):

Part 14 (My savegame overview 1)

Part 15a (Introduction to Boarding, Buying/Training Marines):

Part 15b (Conducting the Boarding with a TP, Marines, and Drones):

Part 15c (Boarding a Mammoth with an M7M and Boarding Pods):

Part 16 (Fleet Operations, Using Wings, Coordinating Weapons / Attacks)

Part 17 (Tractor Beam: Towing Asteroids / Mines / etc.)

Part 18 (Mobile Mining)

Part 19a (Intro to CAG/CLS)

Part 19b (Using CLS)

Part 19c (Using CAG)

"Let's Play" Series using "Bankrupt Assassin" game start

Click Here for the entire Let's Play X3TC playlist


Posted: Sun, 6. Mar 11, 23:48
by cj-spartacus
I've watched through your videos so far and I think it's a good idea but you may have to slow down a little to give new players a chance to digest the information you're firing at them. It might take over your life for a while, however, seeing as there's so much to explain.

All in all I like your idea and I have subscribed to your channel so I look forward to seeing what you've got in store for us later.

Posted: Mon, 7. Mar 11, 00:21
by daviddowner
Thanks for your feedback. I'm starting a "new-game walkthrough" video as we speak. I'll definitely slow this one down and probably divide it up into several segments so that I can post it high res. My high res captures are very large, usually 4-5 gigs which is too big for youtube. I have converted them with an ipod program, which is probably the reason for lower quality, so I'll look into some more options. I'm new to this, so bare with...

Posted: Mon, 7. Mar 11, 01:39
by JoxerNL
Heyas, already left some feedback on your mainpage.
Just saw this post here, may i suggest using Camstudio or perhaps Fraps?
Camstudio is free afaik, Fraps has a pricetagg unless a friend can borrow you his or her fraps :)

Posted: Mon, 7. Mar 11, 12:00
by daviddowner
Updated with part 1 of the walkthrough. 720HD option included.

Posted: Mon, 7. Mar 11, 12:42
by cj-spartacus
Yes, that seems to be a much better pace and the GUI is clear now so that will make a big difference too. I'm going to enjoy following this series.

Posted: Mon, 7. Mar 11, 14:57
by daviddowner
Updated, Part 2 added.

Posted: Tue, 8. Mar 11, 17:06
by daviddowner
Updated, Part 3 added.

Please note in walkthrough video 2, I kept saying that the only place you can sell a ship is in a space station. I meant to say Shipyard. :roll:

Posted: Tue, 8. Mar 11, 17:15
by cj-spartacus
I watched parts 2 and 3 last night. They're clear and concise so I think they'll be easy enough for a new player to follow. I noticed the space station fluff but I don't think it will be a big issue. It's good that you are using the journey time between stations to introduce some of the GUI features like universe and sector maps as this breaks up the monotony of space travel and maximises the guide content in the time available.

Thumbs up from me :thumb_up:

Posted: Tue, 8. Mar 11, 17:18
by daviddowner
Thanks for the feedback and moral support :)

I only wish it didn't take SO long to upload videos of this size. I make a video in 3.5 minutes, then spend 3-6 hours trying to get it uploaded :(

Posted: Tue, 8. Mar 11, 17:33
by cj-spartacus
Yes I have only ever uploaded 1 video to yt and after that I just watch everyone else's. The production to upload time ratio is somewhat inhibitive as you say.

Posted: Wed, 9. Mar 11, 00:57
by Psychotron77
Followed your posts through the steam forums and, registered here.

These video walkthroughs are a nice addition to all the guides that people wrote. Good job. :)

I like to figure out most of this game by myself until i get stuck. :)
Still i subscribed, who knows i might see something i didnt know.

Posted: Wed, 9. Mar 11, 01:10
by daviddowner
That's great to hear Psych. 51 minutes left on Part 4 upload (out of 7 hours :/ ) and then I'll start uploading 5 tonight.

Posted: Wed, 9. Mar 11, 03:47
by christina one dash one
do a Hints and tip one... best places to buy sell build.etc

still good
dave and chris

Posted: Wed, 9. Mar 11, 04:37
by daviddowner
Updated Part 4