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Post by Forcy » Mon, 27. Sep 10, 13:09

Sovereign01 wrote:That's the thing with M7s, many of them need IBLs to be effective, especially those that mount them in their main batteries, specifically the Aggy, Shrike and the 2 Split designs, as well as the Thresher, though as already mentioned, the Thresher can carry PPCs there which are arguably superior.
I dont really agree with that statement. if theres any ship that can actually do *without* the IBL's then it's the Shrike. Gauss cannons are freely available, ammo is plentiful and lasts long and it has a large cargo hold. if you really want sick sustained damage then mount EBC's up front with 4 GC in the sides (they can fire forward) and FAA top/bottom.

but then again, I'm a shrike fanboy so :roll:

ps. I did roll with a shrike without IBLs for quite some time, mounting ISRs up front and I was able to take on mutiple Qs/Js/Ks at a time no probs. IBLs did make it easier though.

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Post by Sovereign01 » Sat, 6. Nov 10, 18:53

Updated to include the Griffon :)
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Re: My take on M7s

Post by Gazz » Sat, 6. Nov 10, 20:14

Sovereign01 wrote:Least laser energy: Shrike/Q
Slowest laser regen: Shrike/Q
You might want to add the Shrike for "highest sustained damage output" as well... ... 89#2699589

That's math, not an opinion. =P
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